Un-Happy Father’s Day!

Un-Happy Father’s Day!

I don’t have much to say about this that hasn’t already been covered in my previous blog posts about how many Christians have turned Motherhood into idolatry, so I refer you to those posts:

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I will say that I don’t think men get subjected to the line that women do… which is (if you are female): “Your highest, or only calling in life, is to be a wife and mother.”

I don’t remember any preacher ever saying to males, “”Your highest, or only calling in life, is to be a husband and father.”

I have heard preachers and lay person Christians go on and on about how “important” fatherhood is (isn’t it interesting that they don’t harp on how important husbandhood is?), but I don’t see as much emphasis on men to be daddies as I do the pressure on chicks to get pregnant and pop out a baby.

Men who do not like babies are not thought of as weird, at least not anything I’ve seen. That is one bonus you males get.

If you are a female like me who does NOT like babies or children, and/or you don’t particularly want a kid, you are thought of as almost evil, or as a freak, because don’t you know, all women are supposed to ADORE babies and want one? We’re all supposed to be maternal (we’re not).

When will Christian churches begin honoring singles who don’t have kids?

Why do they obsess over how important fathers are, but never a peep about how singles are part of American society and the church too?

See, yet another “Oh my gosh, we’re so worried about the state of Fatherhood in the USA” article, from a Christian magazine:
Is Fatherhood Fading Out?, from Christianity Today

No concerns over how single, childless men are treated in society or church. Oh no, we’re going to clutch our pearl necklaces over the decline of fatherhood.


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