July 4th Holiday Brings On Even More Dating Site Commercials

July 4th Holiday Brings On Even More Dating Site Commercials

See my previous post:
(Link): Too Many eHarmony Commercials

If I thought there were too many eHarmony dating site commericals before, they’ve gotten even more common place shortly before and even after the July 4th holiday this year. I’ve seen a slight rise in Match.com commercials, but a huge increase in eHarmony spots.

eHarmony seems to run more commercials around holidays.

As I said on my last post:

I hate eHarmony and am tired of their stupid commercials.

Neil Warren Clark and eHarmony can go suck on a rock.

Here’s one of the latest eHarmony commercials (2013) TV stations have been airing frequently (showing founder Clark on a speed date):