Boy Bands, Rock Singers, and Other High School Crushes – Yes, Women Are Visually Stimulated and Visually Oriented

Boy Bands and Rock Singers – Yes, Women Are Visually Stimulated and Visually Oriented (from the time they are teens, too)

Conservative Christians and Non Christians continue to portray all men as “visually oriented” and as sex obsessed weirdos, so if you want a man, single ladies, they say, you better be stick thin, have a perfect body, and grow your hair long.

Meanwhile, women are depicted in secular culture and from pulpits and in dating books by preachers as only being “emotional” and finding interest in knitting and petting kittens (and I do mean literal kittens there; that phrase is not a euphemism) – never are women said to care about what a man looks like, and women, at least the married ones, are portrayed as sexless, lifeless ragdolls who don’t want sex.

The problem with this is that none of it is true for all members of both genders, nor am I certain it’s true of even the majority of them.

The fact is (and I have said this before and will say it again in future posts – yes, I am planing a part two to this post), women – and this includes CHRISTIAN ones as well- like sexy looking, buff men.

Christian women are not turned on by stick-thin, toothless, smelly, balding, or obese males. And we wouldn’t settle for an ugly fatso just because he “loves Jesus” or attends church every week.

But this is the erroneous picture Christian literature and preachers paint of Christian women – that Christian women only care about how “spiritual” a Christian guy is.

So the males never hear sermons filled with bon mots such as, “Hey, dumpy, saggy lard ass: get to a gym and lose your gut, women don’t find that attractive. Get some Rogaine while you’re at it. And when is the last time you used mouth wash or saw a dentist??”

No, no, those sorts of comments are tossed at women, even in sermons and in “Christian” books and blogs about dating and relationships, but of course tilted to feminine appearance, such as, “Hey you ugly fatso, men care about looks, so go join ‘JUST LADIES,’ get on a treadmill, and grow your hair long! You look like a butch lesbian with short hair. No man wants that.”

Women do of course care about what men look like. Yes, we do, even the Bible thumping variety.

When I was growing up, a lot of girls had crushes on bands such as British pop band Duran Duran.

Duran Duran British pop band
Duran Duran British pop band

While I enjoyed some of their music, I was never a Duranie per se. But let me tell you, debates used to rage, absolutely rage, among teen girls in the 1980s as to which D2 band member was the cutest. Most chose Simon Lebon, lead singer. (Obviously, John Taylor was the cutest back then, so that settles that – though Simon has, IMO, aged better than John, going by recent photos of the band.)

I remember two very rabid D2 fans who rode my school bus back in the day, who used to argue DAILY, and quite passionately, about who was cuter, Simon or John. ~And people think females only care about a man’s “personality” or other “inner qualities.” Riiiiight. Keep living in that land of delusion, people who are uncomfortable with females being sexual.

Before that, in the 1970s, it was The Bay City Rollers. Girls went nuts for the Bay City Rollers.

In the 1990s, girls went crazy for New Kids on the Block and Back Street Boys.

New Kids on the Block
New Kids on the Block – boy band

Girls have been lining their lockers with photos of males they find PHYSICALLY ATTRACTIVE in junior high and high school since the dawn of rock. (There are a sub-set of girls who will find a famous guy’s personality appealing, in addition to his looks, and will tape his photo up on that basis as well.)

There was Elvis and The Beatles in the 1950s and 1960s. Today, there is teen singer Justin Bieber.

I had a friend from junior high who seriously crushed on Patrick Swayze, the movie actor, all through high school. She used to tape his photos up all over her bedroom because she thought he was sexy fine with a nice body.

Movie actor Kevin Costner
Movie actor Kevin Costner

When I was in my late teens, I had a 50 something, married female co-worker on one job who loved movie actor Kevin Costner, who kept photos of him taped inside her employee locker.

Clearly, women like looking at men they consider handsome. This is fact. This is reality. I’ve been surrounded by this phenomenon my whole life but rarely do I see it acknowledged in Christian media -or secular- that women are visual, just as much as men are.

Instead, I keep seeing this idiotic notion bandied about in magazine articles, dating advice blogs, and in sermons, that Christian women (or any woman) only care about a man’s income or personality and don’t care an iota about what his face or body looks like.

I’m thinking maybe people are just comfortable with sexist stereotypes, and men feel it gives them an excuse to be fat and never work out at the gym. I’m not sure what other explanations can be in order.

Burt Reynolds centerfold
Burt Reynolds centerfold

The Burt Reynolds Cosmo centerfold. I almost forgot. Some women found him sexy, and they went a little crazy when that centerfold was published. I believe that was in the 1970s.

From (Link): an article (“Helen Gurley Brown, objectifier of men”) about the Burt centerfold:

  • She [Gurley Brown] did manage to get Burt Reynolds’ enthusiastic participation in her first-ever nude male centerfold. “There’s a big show in this country called ‘The Tonight Show,’” she explained to me. “He was a guest host, and I asked him off the air.”
  • The photo that ran was Reynolds’ personal pick. ”He’s got a good body, he’s got terrific legs, he’s handsome, he’s smiling up a storm and you can’t really see any” — here, she paused — “men’s genitalia … It’s about as sexy and revealing as a photo can be, but it doesn’t reveal anything that it shouldn’t.”
  • The photo, which ran with text proclaiming that male editors had previously “neglected the visual appetites of us equally appreciative girls,” was a sensation. Women mobbed Reynolds’ house.

    The founder of Playgirl even cited it as an inspiration for the entire creation of the magazine: ”When I saw Burt Reynolds naked in Cosmo and saw what a winner that was, it came to me, that’s what women want. If a woman says to me she wants to see a man’s smile, his eyes, I say, ‘Don’t lie to me — you want to see a man’s dong,’ that is if you’re normal.”

  • In “Bad Girls Go Everywhere,” Gurley Brown’s biographer, Jennifer Scanlon represents Gurley Brown as a feminist whose attitudes towards sex prefigured “sex positive” feminism.
  • That included acknowledging female desire, particularly a desire for men’s bodies. Gurley’s stubborn refusal to “demonize” men, or have any unpleasantness at all in her magazine, kept her at loggerheads with many second wavers; she saw it as simply practical. “I acknowledge that men keep women back,” Gurley Brown wrote, “but since sex is terrific and it comes from men, you can’t rule men out of this world and say they’re all terrible and rotten, because you’re going to need them for your own purposes.”

Women are “visually stimulated,” they are “visually oriented” and you damn skippy most women care about a man’s physical appearance. If they did not, they would not be taping shirtless photos of Patrick Swayze in his prime back in their school lockers way back when.
Part 2:

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