Ryan Gosling and Shirtless, Buff Cowboy Photos on Social Media – Yes, Women Are Visually Stimulated and Visually Oriented (Part 2)

Ryan Gosling and Shirtless, Buff Cowboy Photos on Social Media – Yes, Women Are Visually Stimulated and Visually Oriented (Part 2)

Part 1 (Link):
Boy Bands, Rock Singers, and Other High School Crushes – Yes, Women Are Visually Stimulated and Visually Oriented

As I said in Part 1:

    Conservative Christians and Non Christians continue to portray all men as “visually oriented” and as sex obsessed weirdos, so if you want a man, single ladies, they say, you better be stick thin, have a perfect body, and grow your hair long.

    Meanwhile, women are depicted in secular culture and from pulpits and in dating books by preachers as only being “emotional” and finding interest in knitting and petting kittens – never are women said to care about what a man looks like, and women, at least the married ones, are portrayed as sexless, lifeless ragdolls who don’t want sex.

    The problem with this is that none of it is true for all members of both genders, nor am I certain it’s true of even the majority of them.

    The fact is (and I have said this before and will say it again in future posts…), women – and this includes CHRISTIAN ones as well- like sexy looking, buff men.

As a teen and twenty-something, not only did I see women drool over sexy lead male singers of rock bands, but as an adult in my early 40s, I see women from their 20s into their 50s regularly – REGULARLY – posting shirtless photos of movie actor Ryan Gosling and muscular, shirtless male models dressed in chaps on Facebook and Pinterest.

You cannot throw a rock on Pinterest without seeing photos like this, almost daily (photo bottom left, actor Ryan Gosling):

Movie Actor Ryan Gosling
Movie Actor Ryan Gosling

Seriously. If you do a search for “Ryan Gosling” on Pinterest, you will get photo after photo of the guy. Try it: (Link): “Ryan Gosling” on Pinterest.

Salon. com (Link): mentions,

    …Pinterest’s U.S. demographics shake out very differently — hovering between an impressive 68.2 percent and an overwhelming 83 percent female audience.

    …Even a cursory glance at Pinterest makes it easy to see why so many of its critics have been dismissive about it – specifically about its girlishness.

    In Salon earlier this year, Jude Stewart called the site ”basically online scrapbooking.”

    Slate’s Farhad Manjoo summed it [Pinterest] up in a feature called “Cupcakes, Boots, and Shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal,” wherein he admitted, “I just don’t get it.”

Here’s a representative Jake Gyllenhaal photo taken from Pinterest (below right):

Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal

I have a 50-something married friend who occasionally posts photos like this one on Facebook (and she is a Christian too – photo below to the left, shirtless cowboy):


Whereupon several of her adult female friends (some of whom are married) hit the thumbs up link to “Like” the shirtless cowboy photos and fawn all over the guy under her photo, to say how hot he is.

I actually found that particular cowboy photo via a Pinterest board called “Eye Candy,” by a woman named Lisa. Her entire “Eye Candy” board consists of young, muscular men dressed as cowboys, many of whom are shirtless.

A few years ago, a series of movies came out called “Twilight,” which were based on the books of the same name. The books – and the movies – focus on a buff vampire named Ed Cullen and a teen named Jacob, who is also a werewolf.

Females of all ages were going bonkers over the actors who played Cullen and particularly Jacob.

The hysteria rose to such a fever pitch, the media began to notice and began doing stories on how 40-something married mothers were lusting after then- 17- year- old Taylor Lautner (the actor who plays Jacob). In most of one of the films, Taylor Lautner runs around shirtless, showing off his toned physique.

Women in their 40s were showing up to Twiglight openings carrying posters of Taylor Lautner shirtless, screaming his name.

Here are a few links about the older woman lusting after Twilight actors phenomenon (there were many more stories several years ago, discussing the entire situation, not just this one ‘panty’ incident, but I did not save any of those links):

(Link): [17 year old] Taylor Lautner Freaked Out By Older [40 year old woman] Panty-Less ‘Twilight’ Fan

(Link): EXCLUSIVE: ‘Twilight’s’ Taylor Lautner Harassed By Crazy Older Fan

    August 2009

    “Twilight” hottie Taylor Lautner, who plays hunk Jacob Black in the Vampire series, isn’t just a popular pin-up for tweens and teens across the world. The 17-year-old admits he has also had to contend with an agressive older female fan attempting to do some well, inappropriate things.

    “I had this 40-year-old woman trying to find a way to take her panties off for me to sign them. They had my name imprinted on them,” a somewhat amused yet kind of freaked out Lautner told Tarts last weekend. “So that was kind of strange … but you can’t expect anything from these ‘Twilight’ fans.”

(Link): Older women crave ‘New Moon’ vampires

    November 2009
    By Breeanna Hare, CNN

    They don’t call it “Twi Crack” for nothing.

    Lisa Hansen, for example, thought she had lost her mind the first time she read “Twilight.” Partly because she’s 36.

    “I was absolutely worried that something was wrong with me,” the Utah mother of two said. “I just couldn’t put it down — I was obsessed completely.”

    … Since so many of “Twilight” fan sites were overrun with teenagers, adult women have erected their own digital havens for fans who could take only so much of the “OMG Edward’s so hot!!!” reaction to “Twilight.”

    There’s Hansen’s Twilight Moms Web site, which she started for married women and mothers who want to revel in their “Twilight” fandom, and sites like 49-year-old Patricia Kopicki’s, which is for any adult “Twilight” fan, parent or not.

    “Many of us [fans] are happily married with kids, some as old as the male leads in ‘Twilight.‘ Some of them jokingly refer to themselves as ‘cougars’ because of this, but it’s used as a humorous way of saying we realize we are old enough to be Robert Pattinson’s mother [and] we still find him attractive,” Kopicki said.

    … Historically, any woman nearing menopause was expected to be at home, raising kids and uninterested in sex, said Valerie Gibson, who claims credit for the concept of the “cougar.”

    “I wrote a book about older women and younger men in 1990, and let me tell you, the world was not ready for older women having sex with younger men,” Gibson said. “Older women have always been indoctrinated to believe that they would get to a certain age and they were no longer wanted and sexy and desired. I think older women who have found their sexuality have always lusted after younger men but they were never, never allowed to say so.”

Now why in the holy hell do you suppose women, including grown women, past the age of 35, and some are married with children, run around collecting, sharing, and pinning photos of Ryan Gosling and shirtless cowboys on Pinterest, Facebook and other social media, and drooling over teen age actors in vampire movies and posting photos of them on sites and discussing their bodies in detail… unless of course they are “visually oriented,” “visually stimulated” and enjoy looking at good-looking guys who are obviously in shape?

Women are not collecting and oogling these hunky man photos for sheer kicks, and they are not pondering the man’s inner qualities, or wondering how often he reads the Bible or attends church, or if he graduated college with a 4.0.

Notice too, in some of the stories I included above, we see married women lusting after teen-aged male movie stars: Christians regularly tell adult singles if they want to get married, God will only grant them a spouse if they are sinless, if they are not immature. This is false.

We see example after example of married people who engage in sexual sin and behave in an immature fashion. I, as a never- married 40- something woman, while I do appreciate a fine looking man (hello movie star Hugh Jackman!) do not habitually sit around giggling at sexy photos of Hugh Jackman, or trying to meet him so he can sign my underwear – unlike some of the “Twilight Moms” mentioned in the articles above, with the objects of their affections. Married people are not more mature, self controlled, or sexually pure than singles.
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  1. I have this problem too (if you want to call it a problem). I’m very visual too. There is this model who I go nuts over when I see pics of him. I know people will tell me lust is a sin but saying that isn’t going to diminish my reaction to the pics. He’s absolutely gorgeous in face and body yet, and maybe it’s society-at-large that tells me this, I feel sheepish in telling people that I’d like a spouse for whom I have this same intensity of desire. I wouldn’t want someone as a spouse when I lust after another man more, like I do with this man. Is it wrong to even say these things? I constantly fantasize about banging gorgeous men and I don’t know how to get it to stop. I want someone who is handsome, gorgeous even, and I hate feeling like I have to apologize for it. Granted, I want someone who isn’t a jerk or dumbbell, but I want looks to come with the package.

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