Trend Du Juor & Partially Off-Base Solution To – Sex Trafficking

Trend Du Juor & Partially Off Base Solution To – Regarding: Sex Trafficking

I disagree a tad with this author’s solution to the problem of sex trafficking:

(Link): To Fight Sex Trafficking, Fight the Ideology That Creates It, Expert Says

Before I get to that quibble, I wanted to complain a moment about how conservative Christians get “trendy” with causes, sometimes like secular culture does. I have written of this weird, odd habit of Christians before, in several posts, this is just one example: (Link): Suffering and Misery Trend Du Jour

Remember in the 1980s, when there was Hands Across America and LiveAid massive, public fund raising events and rock concerts? There was a real obsession with feeding the hungry, and in particular, hungry dark-skinned Africans.

Disclaimer: I think it’s great if Christians, or whomever, wants to feed hungry, and yes, the Bible encourages it; and no, I’m not opposed people of any skin color helping people of whatever skin color. I’m not opposed to people saving little girls or teens from sex trafficking, or helping orphans.

What has driven me up the wall for years, though, is this narrow focus on classes of suffering, and that many white Christians want to help only dark- skinned Africans, or other highly specific groups, such as American homeless crack addicts.

Your average, middle class Christian refuses to simply help the people who God (if He even exists) puts in his or her path daily – like maybe your 76 year old widowed neighbor, let’s say.

Maybe your elderly neighbor is lonely. Why don’t you invite her over for a spot of tea? Why don’t you mow her lawn for her, instead of running downtown to hand sandwiches out to… drunk homeless people you don’t even know?

Why not help the people in your immediate vicinity who need your help, rather than twisting your hands in concern over starving orphans you’ve never met on another continent, and mailing checks to “Feed Africa” charities you see advertised on television ministries?

There are Christian churches in Africa – but American Christians continue to behave as though there are no Christians in Africa.

I have noticed in the last five years an uptick in interest among Christians in the human (sex) trafficking situation. I’m sure human sex trafficking has been going on since time immemorial; why are Christians only showing interest in it lately?

Varieties of human suffering are not like fashions, one day 1860s hoop skirts, then 1950s poodle skirts, then polyester leisure suits, bell bottoms, then on to parachute pants and Members Only jackets. But Christians treat suffering in this way.

While I still see a lot of “feed the African” appeals on Christian TV shows, the overall spotlight seems to be on sex trafficking now. The attitude now seems to be, “Let’s forget about the starving African kids, now, the cooler, hip brand of human misery is six year old girls being sold as whores to adults, so let’s focus all our energy on that.”

Here are excerpts from ‘To Fight Sex Trafficking, Fight the Ideology That Creates It, Expert Says’

    By Napp Nazworth, Christian Post Reporter
    February 25, 2013

    PHILADELPHIA – In the fight against sex trafficking, the Church needs to address the root causes – the ideas in culture that break the linkage sex has to love, responsibility and children, Lisa Thompson, liaison for the abolition of sexual trafficking for the Salvation Army, said during a Friday presentation at The Justice Conference.

    “Sex trafficking is a battle of ideas,” Thompson explained during a pre-conference session on sex trafficking. The Church in America too often does not do enough to address the ideology upon which sex trafficking is based – “an ideology that disassociates sex from love, responsibility and children.”

    American culture embraces this idea, she continued, and it is “spewed upon us” by “media elites in our culture,” such as movies, books and TV shows.

    “One of the reasons sex trafficking is flourishing is that we, as a Church, do not do enough to address the ideology that disassociates sex from love,” Thompson explained.

    … “The Church is uniquely situated to do prevention,” Morgan said, through youth leadership and spiritual formation programs.

I appreciate that both ladies, Thompson and Morgan, are trying to fight this evil, I truly do. However.

With 80% -(or whatever the high rate is, stats are in other posts on my blog)- of conservative Christians fornicating (that is, having sex outside of marriage these days), and I think 80% is also a recent number I saw for number of conservative Christian men who are addicted to pornography…

And given that for decades now, preachers and Christian books have been telling Christians ‘sex is for marriage only,’ ‘don’t divorce sex from love,’ and all the rest of the usual sex shtick one hears from conservative Christianity mouthpieces…

If such propaganda and argumentation was not enough to keep Christian themselves chaste, virgins until marriage, and to keep men (and now, some women) away from pornography (and it has not for many of them, though certainly some have remained sexually pure), how oh how do these anti- sex trafficking women speakers expect the same rationale and arguments to work against sex trafficking of people?

I’ve seen a few secular news articles about sex trafficking, and some of the men who were caught soliciting sex from kids were employed as PREACHERS. That’s right, men whose job was to love people and spread the Gospel.

I have previous posts on this blog with lists of links to news articles about “Christians,” including preachers, who have been arrested for raping children, raping women, murdering people and similar, horrid things.

Regarding this quote from the article:

American culture embraces this idea [an ideology that disassociates sex from love, responsibility and children.”], she [Thompson] continued, and it is “spewed upon us” by “media elites in our culture,” such as movies, books and TV shows.

I hate to break it to her, but it’s not only “media elite” and secular movies, books and TV shows which have cheapened sex, but it is also the Christian church, certain preachers, and Christian culture in America today, that has cheapened sex and sexual purity and sexual self control. Rather than restate my arguments here on those points, I invite you to read my previous posts on those issues:

(Link): The Contemporary Church Undervalues Celibacy / Virginity [Christians do not support virginity, celibacy, or even traditional marriage, even though they say they do]

(Link): 50- Something- Year- Old Baptist Preacher Simulates Masturbation during church service in front of kids, teens, and adults – and the adults just sit there, do nothing to stop him. Same Preacher later arrested for statutory rape of teen girl

(Link): Preachers Who Use Strippers, Hula Girls, Topless Hunky Men, and Strip Poles During Church Services and Give Sex Diplomas to Teens – Yes, Really

(Link): [Christian personality with daily TV show] Pat Robertson Expects Men to Commit Sexual Sin (and it’s not the first time)

(Link – hosted on The Church of Sex – mentions sex obsessed preacher Mark Driscoll and Ed Young Jr.


    Exclusive: David Kupelian challenges Pastor Mark Driscoll about his ‘obsession’

    There’s a new form of Christianity sweeping the U.S. Its main focus: sex.

    …And while there is a surprising number of preachers, teachers and Christian websites today whose main focus is sex, the most prominent is Mark Driscoll, founding pastor of the wildly popular Seattle mega-church Mars Hill Church.

    …By the way, as runner-up for top mega-church pastor in “The Church of Sex,” I’d nominate Ed Young, senior pastor of Dallas-based Fellowship Church, who recently staged “a 24-hour bed-in with his wife atop his church,” a stunt designed to publicize his just-released New York Times best-seller, “Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy With Your Spouse.”

    … However, let’s just state the obvious: Mark Driscoll is utterly obsessed with sex.

    He tells, for instance, the following story of one female member of his congregation who – and I quote – “brought her husband to Christ” by giving him oral sex, in accord with Driscoll’s specific pastoral advice to her. Here’s how Driscoll, during a Nov. 18, 2007, sermon in Edinburgh, Scotland, described this particular husband’s “conversion”:
    [(Link): Read the rest here]

Again, I appreciate that Thompson and the other lady mentioned in the article are speaking out against human sex trafficking, but I do not think telling Christians to remember or spread the word that sex should not be divorced from love will do much of anything to decrease the selling of females for sex.

Conservative Christians have been telling other Christians, and secular society (at least the teenagers), that sex is for marriage only for several decades now, and that has not exactly diminished the number of people – as teens or as adults – having sex outside of marriage, cheating on partners once they do marry, or using pornography.

I fail to see how the same strategy could be all that helpful in fighting sex trafficking.

A lot of Christians today actually mock and ridicule or criticize the idea that any adult can practice sexual self control (I refer you again to my previous post: (Link): The Contemporary Church Undervalues Celibacy / Virginity [Christians do not support virginity, celibacy, or even traditional marriage, even though they say they do]).

These are Christians doing the mocking and questioning of sexual purity/ celibacy / virginity these days, mind you, not just secular society, where one would expect to find it. You can’t win an anti sex trafficking situation when even Christians have thrown in the towel on sexual purity concepts, which they have.

See also (on this blog):

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