Some Christian Women Use Pornography – No Duh. I’ve been saying this all along.

Some Christian Women Use Pornography – No Duh. I’ve been saying this all along.

That some women like sex or look at naughty photos comes as no surprise to me, but then I am a woman who is a lifelong (now mostly former) Christian who did not live in the land of denial about women, nor did I ever buy completely into the strict gender role bull-crap Christians (e.g., ‘CBMW’) so often like to peddle.

Just recently, a writer at Christianity Today did a blog post pointing out that Christian women (or women in general, regardless of religious belief) are addicted to pornography, or are porn users, not just men.

Someone at Christianity Today should start sending me a pay check, since they have as of late been copying ideas I cover regularly at this blog, which would include this one.

I have not yet read their article about female pornography addiction, but if it mentions only single ladies, I will hit the roof, because singles are not the only ones prone to sexual sin: married women are too. I have posted stories, articles, and examples to this blog of married Christian women who were caught having affairs, or who admit to looking at dirty web sites on a regular basis (see the end of this post for links to a few of those blog posts).

Anyway, another related trope that needs to be dropped by secularists and Christians:
“Only men are visually stimulated and want sex.”

And its corollary needs to be dropped as well, which is:
“Women do not want sex. All Women, or a vast majority, prefer emotional intimacy, and would rather look at rainbows than good-looking men.”

Is that so? Because my never- ending stream of shirtless, movie actor Ryan Gosling and Tatum Channing photos on Pinterest and other sites by women say otherwise – and I follow run of the mill pinners, Tweeters, and friends; I do not seek out sex-themed boards, or sexually obsessed people to follow on social media and blogs.

These are ladies who usually pin meatloaf recipes or tips on how to remove grass stains from pants, but oh my, they do occasionally post photos of muscular, half-naked cowboys too. And then other women leave comments below those photos commenting on how sexy the guy is, or just giggling at the photo and asking for more, similar photos. Don’t tell me women have no sex drives or aren’t “visual.”

I have just finished skimming the Christianity Today page – women have not just suddenly become visual, as the author seems to maintain.

Women have been drooling over men they consider sexy since Elvis in the 1950s, and Robert Redford in the 1960s; one suspects that Bathsheba of the Old Testament probably considered King David easy on the eyes – we know Potiphar’s wife did Joseph because the biblical text explicitly says so.

Women have always been “visually oriented.” But Christians, maybe due to American secular biases, good old fashioned sexism, or secular cultural influence, who knows why?, have chosen to believe in myths about female sexuality that say women don’t want sex, don’t think about it, and are not visually attuned. Maybe most people find the truth about female libido intimidating or threatening.

(Link): Women and Porn -If you think men are the only ones who are addicted, think again.

    by Lindsey Learn

    For years I’ve heard the stereotype that pornography is only an issue for men. Church accountability groups and sermons on the dangers of pornography have long been directed at men, while it’s been assumed that women don’t deal with those types of issues.

    But research is starting to show that pornography isn’t only a man’s problem. Marnie Ferree, a licensed marriage and family therapist, is a former sex addict and director of Bethesda Workshops, a organization that offers faith-based clinical intensive treatment for sexual addiction and co-addiction.

    In a recent online article, “Women Struggle, Too (with Sexual Addiction),” she suggests that “one-third of sex addicts are women, and eventual information will reveal women comprise nearly one-half of those who are sexually addicted.”

    …Ferree reports that

      A growing number of women are looking online at the more traditional kind of pornography. Generally speaking, most women who choose visual material are younger females, ages 18–34. This generation was raised in a media-saturated culture and is more accustomed to visual stimuli. Advances in neuroscience indicate that our media-driven culture is literally altering the human brain—and not just men’s. Today’s young women seem equally visually oriented. It is no surprise, then, that females are drawn to pornographic pictures.

    And so, a sin categorized as a man’s struggle because of men’s “visual” nature can no long apply. Young women are now included in this categorization. So what do we do?

    Many Christian women feel trapped in their sexual sin because there’s no outlet in the church for women to feel safe on this front. In other words, the church needs to catch up. The internet, cable TV, magazines—all have opened many new avenues to sexual encounters; now the church needs to respond by opening clear avenues for men and women to confront this growing issue in a safe, forgiving environment.

Read the rest of the Christianity Today page
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    According to Crystal Renaud, author of the book “Dirty Girls Come Clean,” more than 30% of pornography site visitors are Christian women.

    If a Pastor or Christian ministry leader is mentioning the topic of lust or pornography, it’s not uncommon to hear the words, “Men, now listen up. Ladies, we know you don’t struggle with this.”

    While this type of addiction creates much secret shame among its sufferers regardless of gender, it is even much more so for women who struggle with a sexual addiction because of this very accepted assumption that it is a merely a man’s struggle. This addiction among women creates silent sufferers that feel great shame and fear of judgment from others. There are few if any resources for women who would seek help for this addiction

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