Gotta Maintain that Propaganda that Married Christian Sex is “Mind Blowing”

Gotta Maintain that Propaganda that Married Christian Sex is “Mind Blowing”

Much of Christian sexual purity and dating literature, blogging, and other forms of communication, tells the young ‘uns if they stay virgins until marriage that married sex will be “mind blowing.” (And don’t forget the other, similar piece of propaganda: (Link): Magical Christian Thinking: If you have pre-marital sex you won’t get a decent spouse)

Never mind I have numerous examples on this blog of Christian and Non Christians who waited until sex to have marriage but the sex was terrible, or didn’t happen, because one spouse decided he or she did not like sex.

Here’s an article at ‘The Christian Post’ where some religious guy is maintaining the propaganda of “wait for marriage and the sex will be frequent, and porn movie quality stuff, not that, um, not that you Christians should be looking at porn movies, but you know what I mean”. I have more comments below this article on this page:

(Link): Christian Sexual Culture Beats Past and Present ‘Pagan Sexuality’, Catholic Researcher Says

    By Tyler O’Neil

    WASHINGTON – The monogamous, family-friendly culture shared by Christians, Jews, and Muslims proves both more sexually satisfying and more socially philanthropic than the promiscuous culture of hook-ups, homosexuality, and porn, a Roman Catholic researcher argued on Wednesday.

    “Those who worship God weekly have the best sex,” asserted Patrick F. Fagan, Senior Fellow and Director of the Marriage and Religion Research Institute (MARRI) at the Family Research Council, which hosted the event. Fagan’s assertion that intact, married couples enjoy sex the most was based on data from the National Health and Social Life Survey.

    …But not only do faithful, religious husbands and wives have the best love life, he said, they are also “the core strength of the country.”

    …However, a culture antithetical to marriage and family has emerged. “Our times are a bit analogous to Pagan Rome, where Christianity first grew up,” Fagan observed.

    … He also said that one in six men and 17 percent of women struggle with porn, and that leads to dissatisfaction in marriage. He used census data to show that women who have had sex before or outside of marriage were more likely to divorce, while 80 percent of women who do not engage in premarital or extramarital sex remain in intact marriages.

    Citing, among others, social scientist Jill Manning’s book The Impact of Internet Pornography on Marriage and the Family: A Review of the Research, he argued that “pornography generates alienation between men and women.” It causes distrust among husbands and wives, and misshapes children’s ability to understand sex as God intended.

    This problem becomes acute in college, where young men “experiment with evil to find out what’s good.” Although the sexual culture predominates most campuses, Fagan suggested picking friends committed to chastity, a healthy social life, and exercise as alternatives. The “convivial time together where self-control and sobriety is key to the enjoyment of the other,” is the best way to combat porn.

    Fagan concluded by encouraging Christians, Jews, and Muslims to unite and champion their sexual culture. Only in this restrained, chaste, devoted way can a man say to his wife, “I give my heart whole, and not in pieces,” Fagan said.

Not only is this guy trying to uphold the Christian sexual purity cliche’ of “stay a virgin until marriage, and I promise the sex will be mind blowing,” but I’ve seen reverse examples (and have blogged of them before) of currently Christian married women (and a few men) who admitted to being total bimbos before marriage, and they later got married to a Christian person and their marriages are doing okay.

Then you have the Christian couples I’ve seen interviewed on Christian shows who were committed Christians upon marriage, but over the years, drifted apart, or after a few years, the husband got into affairs and pornography.

Regarding this comment,

    Fagan concluded by encouraging Christians, Jews, and Muslims to unite and champion their sexual culture.

That made me laugh. Oh Fagan, you are so naive.

Talk to Christians who have literally stayed virgins into their 30s, 40s, and older and ask them how much their sexual purity is “celebrated” or “championed” by their faith communities.

Answer: they’re not celebrated. Older celibates are either ignored or if paid any attention by their faith community, are ridiculed or insulted or treated like freaks.

Christians bitch and moan about the high divorce rate, porn addictions running amok, etc. and so on, but they do nada, nothing to support people who are actually living a celibate life and who are trying to resist fornication.

If these religious idiots truly supported celibacy and purity, they would treat singles as full equals in churches and Christian culture, but they not only treat them like second class citizens, but they also refuse to allow them to participate in church leadership positions.

Singleness is treated by Christians and churches as though it is only a temporary, and second-rate, stepping stone to the end-all be-all of life, marriage.
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