Evangelical Christian Woman to Appear on Cover of Playboy Magazine

Evangelical Christian to Appear on Cover of Playboy Magazine

(Link): Brazilian ‘Evangelical’ Model Under Fire for Deciding to Appear on Playboy Cover

She’s being criticized by some segments of American Christendom for this move. I have more comments below this:

    By Jessica Martinez, CP Contributor
    July 19, 2013|3:13 pm

    The Brazilian edition of Playboy magazine recently announced that a model who claims to be evangelical will be on the cover of its September issue.

    Aline Franzoi, who belongs to National Mission Evangelical Church in Brazil, was already under fire for being a ring girl for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) competitions, which some consider to be a violent sport. But now news of her upcoming Playboy cover adds additional oil to the heat she has received over her career choices.

    According to her Facebook page, Franzoi responded in Portuguese yesterday to the recent backlash she has received over her decision to appear on Playboy.

    “About the issue regarding my religion that came out in headlines saying I am ‘Evangelical,’ this will be the first and only time I will speak about it. I never wanted to link information about my religion and work since they are different areas,” she wrote. “Journalists are the ones who link me with the title of ‘Evangelical, not Aline Franzoi’ but I’m sure everybody can differentiate it.”

    A Hispanic news site, Noticia Cristiana, reported that Franzoi told VIP, a Brazilian magazine, that she would not pose nude because she is evangelical. And prior to her most recent career controversy, Franzoi also told another Brazilian outlet, UOL, that she publicly displays her Christian faith in a bold manner.

    “I’m evangelical and use my Facebook to tell how much God was and is powerful in my life. And, anyway, what’s wrong with being ring girl? It is very concerning to know what is right and wrong, but in my view, God looks at our heart and our intention.”

    But her recent Facebook statement makes it unclear whether she considers herself an evangelical or not, and whether her opinion of appearing nude has changed.

    The founder of Actors, Models and Talent for Christ, a talent agency based in Georgia, finds Franzoi’s decision to appear in the men’s magazine disheartening.

    “Because media covers our world, today’s Christian stars have an unprecedented opportunity to be positive role models. The Bible tells us to be imitators of Christ. We can’t be perfect, but if we’re truly following Jesus, He will perfect us,” said Carey Lewis.

    “I am saddened at the massive loss of innocence among our children, as well as the dramatic increase in human trafficking. Overt sexuality contributes to these tragedies. Actors, models and talent for Christ have a responsibility to set a better example,” he added.
    Although it is not clear whether Franzoi will pose nude or not for Playboy, her credibility as a Christian continues to be questioned.

    “It’s difficult to be a model while practicing a legalistic religion like Evangelicals do. She should either leave her religion or leave her career,” commented Artemio Degas, a reader on Noticia Cristiana.

    “God does see your heart, he sees that it’s perverted,” added another reader, Eliseo Flamenco.

I think the article said that she said she’s only appearing on the cover (fully clothed) and will not be naked in the magazine, but regardless, it does seem to send a message that she is supportive of porn by appearing on the cover.

Christians speak out of both sides on the sexuality topic. They will sit here and chide this woman for appearing on a dirty magazine cover, but up to 80% of Christian men admit ((Link): see stats here) to having pornography addictions.

Some of the Christian men saying how awful it is for a self professing believer to pose on the cover of a dirty magazine will be the first ones in line to buy a copy of it or to view digital copies online.

Christians complain about the falling of sexual mores but ignore or ostracize Christians who remain virgins into their 30s and older. I am not out there buying “Playboy” magazine or posing for it. I’m not looking at X rated sites on the internet. Christians complain about smut but do nothing to support the Christians who are smut-free.

I find it strange and hypocritical that American Christians will act indignant about sexual sin – about Playboy magazine and child sexual trafficking – but then mock or lecture or judge Christians who remain virgins in to their adult years – which yes, they do indeed do. This isn’t the greatest example, as I have seen worse, but here is the link to one example:

(Link): Christians Who Attack Virginity Celibacy and Sexual Purity – and specifically Russell D. Moore and James M. Kushiner

It’s this hypocrisy and inconsistency on sexual matters, and other considerations, as to why I’ve thrown in the towel on celibacy myself (I will be having pre marital sex, provided I can get a decent boyfriend), and why I have been walking away from the Christian faith the last couple years. There is so much double speak, lunacy, double standards, inconsistent standards, etc.

For all their braying to me in my teen years that “sex is for marriage only, rah rah virginity!, rah rah celibacy! Don’t be like the world and have sex!” cheering, the Christian community sure did drop me and my concerns like a hot potato as a never married, virgin adult.

I am now turning my back on the whole thing (as far as the sexual purity teachings are concerned), and most of the Christian faith itself.

God has not been around in my times of need when I’ve had other issues crop up the last few years. Way to go church! Way to go, God! You lost me. And I was a sincere, sincere- as- you- can- get Christian, I did not just believe, but I lived the Bible out. I helped people, I abided by the Bible’s morality, all of it. What a waste of my time it was.

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