Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine

Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine

In honor of one of my Hollywood crushes, I thought I’d do a post about his new movie.

It’s abslutely false that women are not “visually oriented.” We totally are.

Women are not only about “emotional intimacy.” Women are not dis-interested in a guy’s looks, though this is what secular culture and a lot of sermons and Christian articles and books would have you believe.

(Link): ‘The Wolverine’ stays sharp thanks to Jackman

(Link): The Wolverine: Early Reviews Have Hugh Jackman Looking Sharp

    by Josh Grossberg


    “Though Wolvie comes across a bit world-weary and battle-worn by now, Jackman is in top form, taking the opportunity to test the character’s physical and emotional extremes. Fans might’ve preferred bigger action or more effects, but Mangold does them one better, recovering the soul of a character whose immortality left something to be desired,” raves Variety, calling the Japan-set sequel an “Eastern Western” that’s “smart” and “entertaining.”

(Link): Review: ‘The Wolverine’ Wins Big By Playing Small


    by Scott Mendelson, Contributor

    It’s less concerned with being a major comic book superhero franchise entry than with just being a good movie.

    The majority of the picture feels cheap, in a good way, as it contains actual story, somewhat developed characters, and extended moments where those people actually converse with each other in order to reveal plot and character. Yes, there are moments of action, but the majority of the action is real-world plausible and it’s shot and edited for geographical and chronological clarity. More the majority of its running time, The Wolverine feels like an old-school 1990′s action drama, with a dash of family melodrama and a mix of iconic samurai/cowboy imagery tossed in for good measure.

    If anything, the film gets the two best action sequences out of the way in the first act, with a big-scale fight sequence and a thrilling (but brief) interlude atop a speeding bullet train.

The Wolverine - film starring Hugh Jackman - movie poster, 2013
The Wolverine – film starring Hugh Jackman – movie poster, 2013

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