Shaun considered himself to be a lesbian in a man’s body

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Shaun considered himself to be a lesbian in a man’s body

This lady’s ex boyfriend thinks of himself as a lesbian. When he puts on a wig, he looks just like her. (There are photos of the guy in the wig at this link):

(Link): Ex-fiance confessed he liked girls’ clothes but I only freaked out when I saw that he looked exactly like me

    Nikita couldn’t stomach the idea of sex with a lookalike

    BEING told that her boyfriend was a secret crossdresser was bad enough.
    But there was an even bigger shock in store for Nikita Penny when the man she hoped to marry told her he was in fact a lesbian trapped in the wrong body.
    The biggest bombshell, though, was when IT manager Nikita discovered her lover, Shaun Mitchell, looked exactly like she did when dressed as a woman.

    With the same fringe, pink lipstick and lace tights, her boyfriend looked like her twin sister.

    It was a step too far for Nikita, 20, who couldn’t stomach the idea of sex with a lookalike.

    She dumped Shaun then fell for his best mate. They plan to wed.

    Shaun’s crossdressing is out in the open — and he admits he still looks the image of his ex when dressed as a woman.
    Nikita says: “When Shaun first told me he was a crossdresser I wanted to support him — I’ve always been open-minded — but when I saw him dolled up it was like looking in the mirror. It would have been like going to bed with myself. My boyfriend had turned into my twin sister. I wanted a lover, not a twin sister, and couldn’t help falling for his mate.”

    The pair met in 2011 and had been a couple for eight months when Nikita first suspected the supermarket worker was hiding something from her.

    “We were so happy and so close and suddenly he became very quiet and withdrawn.”

    The office worker from Redditch, Worcs, feared there was another woman involved. She says: “I didn’t want to believe it but I couldn’t think of any other reason for Shaun to be so distant, even though he denied it.”
    But Shaun wasn’t being entirely honest because there was in fact another woman — just not in the way Nikita expected.

    She says: “One night I begged him to tell me the truth and he said he would, only he didn’t seem able to find the words. So I handed him a pen and paper.”

    Shaun, 22, began to write and when Nikita looked at the pad she was stunned. Her boyfriend had written: “I wish I was a girl.” She says: “At first I was relieved that there wasn’t another woman — I thought it was a joke.

    “But he was covering his face with his hands and it hit me that he meant it. The man I wanted to marry was telling me he wanted to be a woman. I couldn’t believe it. There was another woman — but it was himself.”

    Shaun admitted to Nikita that he wanted to dress in women’s clothes and feared he had been born in the wrong body. She says: “I was shaking when I asked him if he still loved me. He insisted he did and I said I loved him too.”

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