Women Do Care About Male Looks but Don’t Go For Penis Photos

Women Do Care About Male Looks but Don’t Go For Penis Photos

Women do care about what guys look like. That’s right, women are not solely after “emotional intimacy” and do care about sex and male physical appearance.

However, women are repulsed by penis photos – but men send them unsolicited to some women on the internet. Here are pages related to both subjects.

One article talks about “Carlos Danger,” a.k.a. Anthony Weiner, who is, to be frank (pun fully intended on his last name, ha!) is a very physically unattractive man.

The other page discusses men who think women enjoy looking at penises. Most women do not. Most women actually find them repulsive- or ridiculous- looking, though you will see the occasional woman say, ‘oh no, I rather enjoy looking at them.’

(Link): The Desperate Life of Carlos Danger

(Link): What I learned from getting dick pics – I know from experience: Men are all too eager to send them, and they get offended when you tell them to stop

From The Desperate Life of Carlos Danger

    By Heather Wilhelm – July 26, 2013

… Weiner, unfortunately for all of us, is neither sexy nor Latin. He is nerdy. He is veiny. But by some miracle of God (or, perhaps, of one of those ancient spirits who likes to play pranks on people) Weiner somehow managed to get elected to Congress, marry a beautiful, successful woman, get multiple other young women to look at pictures of his “junk,” as the kids say, over the Internet, while somehow escaping the near-universal human impulse to run, hide, or curl up into a fetal position upon the widespread public release of one’s own mortifying behavior.

You really have to feel bad for Anthony Weiner, because for all of his talk about saving New York and helping “the middle class,” all he really wants to be is sexy. Which is unfortunate, because all the women around him seem to really want is power. Take Weiner’s latest alleged online paramour, a Hoosier named Sydney Leathers. (As an aside, really? Sydney Leathers? Carlos Danger? Anthony Weiner? 2013, you are the best.) Messaging under a shorthand sexy name, “Dangr33,” and sending dozens of explicit thoughts down Indiana way, Weiner reportedly asked Leathers the following: “So you wont tell me what picture of me you like the most or turned you on the most? only TV?”

I feel kind of bad pointing this out, but this is essentially the equivalent of your girlfriend asking if she looks fat in her dress. We all know the right answer: “No! Are you crazy? You’re so skinny! You should eat more!” But according to reports, poor Sydney couldn’t even muster up a blurred-out body part to compliment: “Specifically,” she replied, “your health care rants were a huge turn on.” Ouch, Carlos. Maybe you do look fat in your dress.

For those of you brave enough to read Weiner’s latest alleged message archive—and I wouldn’t recommend it if you’d like to enjoy your lunch today or for the rest of the year—this theme is a common thread. The legendary Carlos Danger may be a boiling cauldron of masculinity on the outside, but on the inside, he has some insecurity issues. One might even say he’s Mucho Desperado. He’s also apparently a glutton for punishment, reportedly asking Leathers, who is a progressive activist and blogger, “If I met you in a bar and tried to talk to you, would I have a chance?”

Here, Weiner is no doubt looking for a validation of his smoking looks and his smoldering sexuality, not the content of his character. Again, poor Sidney disappoints: “Absolutely! You’re such an amazing man. I still can’t believe someone like you would pay attention to someone like me. It’s literally a dream come true.”

Here is where I call shenanigans. We all know that if Anthony Weiner was not a prominent national political personality, and was instead, say, an accountant from French Lick, Ms. Leathers would be running for the exits, hiding in the bathroom, or maybe even calling the police. She was attracted to power, pure and simple. (Well, that, and, it has been reported, the brilliant idea of a Chicago “sex den” condo to call her own.)

(Link): you can read the rest here

From What I learned from getting dick pics
I know from experience: Men are all too eager to send them, and they get offended when you tell them to stop

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened my email to find an unsolicited photo of a man’s penis. No, I’m not a “friend” of Anthony Weiner. I’m a journalist who delved into the everyday world of online sex in order to research the sex practices of average Americans – not the powerful or the rich or the famous. I’m talking the neighbors next door – Joe and Jane Schmo.

And if there’s one thing I discovered in nearly eight years of talking to people about their sex lives, it’s that a whole lot of Americans are taking pictures of their genitals and proudly posting them for others to see.

….[She contacted a married guy named Jim, and told him she was a journalist doing research for an article- she made it clear she did not want photos, no sex with him, he proceeds to send her photos of his penis anyway]

… But Jim found a photo of me online. And, a week later, he admitted that he got hard while emailing me and that I entered his thoughts when he masturbated.

I made the mistake of thanking him for the ego-stroke. I was feeling insecure – I’d just turned 50 – and was vulnerable.

A psychiatrist friend warned me that I shouldn’t have thanked Jim. “He will take that as a green light to get more sexually seductive with you.”

She was right. He asked me if I wanted to see some nude pictures of him. I ignored his question. He then sent me five nude photos of him lying in bed, his penis prominently displayed, his hand looking as though he was massaging himself.

… I tell this embarrassing story to try to explain how a woman might get enticed into receiving unsolicited penis pics…

..I wondered if it was just me, the 50-year-old uptight white Southern Baptist chick, who, for the most part, didn’t like receiving unsolicited penis pics. So I emailed Jessica, a 25-year-old, bisexual chef who cruised Craigslist in search of men for casual encounters, and asked her if penis pics were a turn-on to her.

“Jesus, such a male ego thing,” she wrote. And I did find it narcissistic that men seemingly thought that women who had no emotional connection to them would find their penises as amazing as they did. (When Jim was a boy he “constantly” dropped his pants to watch his penis grow and rise, which probably isn’t uncommon for young boys.)

But Jessica found “penises to be more comical than hot. I mean, they have their own agenda. They can stand up. Whee…”

…So while Mr. Weiner [the politician] may be impressed with his penis and think it is photo-worthy, he is far from the only American male thinking that. Mr. Schmo is too. But Mr. Weiner and Mr. Schmo may want to realize what Dr. Debby Herbenick of the Kinsey Institute told me: “It can be a healthy form of sexual expression when it’s wanted and well-received. However, men and women should avoid sending photos that are sexual in nature if they are unclear as to whether the other person wants them. If they are not sure, they can ask.”

But as I learned in my years of conducting sex interviews, rarely do men ask. Then again, in my experience, there’s rarely a need for a man to ask because when a woman wants to see a photograph of a man’s penis, she says so.

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(Link): Woman Forwards Man’s Unsolicited D-ck Pics To His Mother

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