Kerry Shook on Marriage AGAIN. About not letting your flame die down.

Kerry Shook on Marriage AGAIN. About not letting your flame die down.

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Kerry Shook, TV preacher out of Woodlands, Texas, is giving a sermon tonight about how not to let your light burn out, or how do you rekindle your flame, or don’t let the flame die down, or something having to do with flames and candles. He has a candelabra on stage with him.

I think it’s the same sermon as this one:
(Link): Kerry Shook You Tube Video Restoring Love

It’s bad enough Shook is giving his 899,435th sermon on marriage – does this dude never sermonize on anything else?? – but he opened this marriage sermon with that cliche’ preachers love to use.

Shook told the singles (paraphrasing), “Be sure to take notes on this sermon, because it will really help you out one day, it will spare you some heartache,” and to the married couples, he said, “Be sure to take notes.”

You see, it’s a variation of the old saw that starts most marriage sermons, when the preacher even bothers to acknowledge there might be singles in his audience, by saying, “Pay attention to this sermon on marriage, you singles, because though you’re not married now, you will be some day, and this will come in handy.”
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