A Gap between Singles & Couples in the Church – a post by Brittany

A Gap between Singles & Couples in the Church – a post by Brittany

The author of this is in her twenties, but several of the problems she has with being single in the church can be applied to singles who are in other age groups as well.

(Link): A Gap between Singles & Couples in the Church by Brittany


    But what drove me to do a double take in the mirror to make sure the word SINGLE wasn’t tattooed somewhere on my face? Because suddenly, now as a post-college graduate, I feel like being single defines what relationships I have, what groups I’m in, even what conversations I have—and all mostly within the church.

    Never in my life have I felt so out of place. Until now, there’s always been a clear group to be in, a clear path to walk down. In high school, you go to youth group. In college, you go to small group with college students. But now, what? Do I go to the all-singles group where it’s most likely a real-life version of eHarmony? Or do I go to the “mixed” group with six couples and one other single person who just so happens to be a guy? ($10 says that someone would try to fix me up with him within a month. Maybe not. This is me being cynical).

    …I’ve begun to notice there’s a gap. A chasm separating couples and post-graduate singles within the church. And not only a gap in marital status, but a relational one. Simply put, couples and singles have a hard time interacting in a mutual healthy, life-giving way.

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