Author aims to shock with ‘sickest book of the summer’ about ‘insatiable’ female teacher who preys on school boys for sex (article)

Author aims to shock with ‘sickest book of the summer’ about ‘insatiable’ female teacher who preys on school boys for sex

(Link): Author aims to shock with ‘sickest book of the summer’ about insatiable’ female teacher who preys on school boys for sex

I have wondered if societal stereotypes about the genders is what fuels things like outrage about this book, or that most people treat female pedophiles differently from male pedophiles, if they even bother to acknowledge female perverts at all.

I’m sure most of you reading this have heard of “NAMBLA,” a group of adult males who want to legalize child rape. But how many of you have heard of the female equivalent to NAMBLA, called “Butterfly Kisses,” adult women who want to be permitted to rape female children?

Here is a web page about them: (Link): MEET ‘WOMEN’S AUXILIARY OF NAMBLA’

    How prevalent is pedophilia among women?

    Hampton says that he gets an average of more than 200 reports related to female pedophilia on the Internet each day, including websites, message boards and other forums.

    It’s growing, he says of the presence of female pedophilia on the Web, though sites related to male pedophilia are increasing at about 10 times the rate.

    “But I was surprised that this was even an issue,” he said of female pedophilia. “It’s been since about two years ago that we’ve found it to be quite prevalent.”

    …“It is very underreported,” she said of the incidences of abuse by females. “When it is reported it’s often dismissed or laughed at as not being serious. Motherhood and apple pie, you know – we don’t do that sort of thing.”

    …The “Butterfly Kisses” site includes links to branches of the Big Sisters organization and Girl Scout websites, suggesting that these groups present good opportunities for women who desire sexual relationships with girls.

I wonder, if cultures around the world, including America, began acknowledging that women like sex, women want sex, and that women are in fact “visually oriented” if it could help stop the denial that women can and do sexually assault people?

If people keep insisting on adhering to these rigid gender roles, where only men want sex, like sex, and are “turned on visually,” it’s no wonder that people refuse to see or believe that some women are sexual predators.

(Link): Author aims to shock with ‘sickest book of the summer’ about insatiable’ female teacher who preys on school boys for sex

    Tampa, by U.S. author Alissa Nutting, has caused controversy

    About teacher obsessed with teen boys, it contains graphic sex scenes

    Writer said she aims to shock to change society’s views

    She believes male victims treated differently to females

    PUBLISHED: 08:51 EST, 29 July 2013

    A new novel about a predatory female teacher who preys on young boys has been banned in some book shops and branded ‘disgusting’ by those shocked by its graphic sexual content.

    Tampa, by U.S. author Alissa Nutting, tells the story of the ‘insatiable’ eight-grade teacher Celeste Price, 26. She has a ‘husband who is devoted to her’ but has a ‘singular sexual obsession – 14-year-old boys’.

    In fact, she only chose the teaching profession so she could get close to school boys and the novel unfolds with sexual scenes of her seducing her pupils and caring ‘nothing for anyone or anything but her own pleasure’.

    Cosmopolitan have described the book as a ‘twisted tale’ and ‘the sickest, most controversial book of the summer’ and it has been banned in some Australian book stores.

    Nutting, a new mother, has forbidden her own Catholic parents from reading it and has admitted some of the abuse she has received from outraged readers has been ‘difficult’.

    But she told The Times the whole point of the book is to shock and offer a ‘social satire’ on the way male victims of predatory teachers are treated by society in comparison to females.

    She said: ‘When these cases occur there is all this “nudge, nudge, wink, wink, what a lucky boy.”

    ‘It’s one thing for an adult male to think, ‘gee, she looks great, I’d like to have sex with her’ – assuming the boy is able to consent as we are, which I think is untrue. When the victim is female we don’t do any of that.’
    She points out that when the victim is a male, the tendency is for people to think he wanted the attention from the teacher because he’s an adolescent with raging hormones. Whereas female victims are always seen to be ‘taken advantage of’.

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