The Wrong People Marry Quicker (from the “Unedited” blog)

The Wrong People Marry Quicker (from the “Unedited” blog)

I just found this blog a few days ago:

(Link): The Wrong People Marry Quicker (from the “Unedited” blog)

The author opens by asking,

Have you ever asked yourself how in the world did (insert name) get married? Or who the hell would marry that person?

(end quote)

Hell yes, I have!

I remain befuddled by the common Christian advice (and stereotype) that only perfect people marry; that is, it is assumed by many Christians that one has to be thin, attractive, intelligent, witty, charming, holy, sexually pure, and possess a million other qualities before God will permit an unmarried Christian to have a Christian spouse.

However, I have noticed both among Christian and Non Christians, many ugly, stupid, impoverished, sexually promiscuous (fornicators), getting married about as easily as some people brush their teeth.

Getting a spouse, despite being rude, stupid, poor, fat, bald, boring, ugly, slutty, or any number of other negative traits, does not prohibit males or females from getting spouses.

Christians assume if you still find yourself single at age 30-ish+ it’s obviously – OBVIOUSLY!!!, damn you! – because you are weird, fat, ugly, poor, stupid, socially backwards, unfashionable, smelly, or a great big whore, or any combination thereof.

Or feminism. Don’t forget feminism, because (Link): bitter, sexist single Christian males sure haven’t. ((Link): Christian Males Blaming their Unwanted Protracted Singleness on Feminism – They have the wrong target )

Anyway, as to noticing that yes, fat, weird, stupid, poor, or ugly people manage to get married, while you – normal you, who is average to great looking, smart, funny, educated and nice, can’t so much get a date, yes, I’ve noticed.

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From (Link): The Wrong People Marry Quicker:

Have you ever asked yourself how in the world did (insert name) get married? Or who the hell would marry that person? It is starting to become apparent that many of the people who are married are simply not suitable to be married.

We all know people who are deemed a bit shady in their character and we have declared that these people should “never” get married until they sort out their issues.

Well, sometime later, you heard that they have entered into nuptial bliss.

The next thought is how? who? why? You are left dumbfounded while your good friend or family who has a splendid character is still trying to find his/her mate.

… One explanation could come from a post written by a terminally single woman who does not want to be married, entitled Divorce Envy, in which Ms Wells observed that it is more acceptable to be divorced than to be never married.

Spinster is not a word you hear very often and when it is used people like Susan Boyle (the once frumpy lady with the amazing voice) comes to mind.

It may seem that people are willing to test the marriage waters knowing that it is a little too rough for them because the alternative is just not acceptable. It was a bit funny in Ms Wells post that she was being chastised by a woman who was twice divorced.

Please visit (Link): her blog to read the rest.
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