Follow up: BITTER GUY Replies to ‘It’s Okay To Call A Guy Creepy (article) / Little Sympathy for Ugly Single Guys’

Follow up: Bitter Guy Replies to ‘It’s Okay To Call A Guy Creepy (article) / Little Sympathy for Ugly Single Guys’

Someone calling himself “OffTheCuff” left a comment on my previous post, (Link): “It’s Okay To Call A Guy Creepy (article) / Little Sympathy for Ugly Single Guys.” I only skimmed it so far as to see the “you sound so bitter” phrase in his post and then deleted it. (I did not read the whole remark.)

The funny thing is, I’m not bitter and did not feel bitter when writing that post. I was pointing out in (Link): the last post that the ugly- to- average looking guys who complain on the internet that they can’t get dates, because they assume all women want Brad Pitt look-alikes, sound bitter themselves.

My main point was, though, that such men are hypocritical.

1. The majority of ugly, dweeby, scrawny, nerdy, socially inept, or obese males who complain that they can’t get dates often feel entitled to women who look like movie star Angelia Jolie. They chase after Angelina Jolie clones and get angry when such women expect them to be at Brad-Pitt-level-good-looks.

2. Women have been judged, and rejected, based on their looks for years and years in American culture, so why do men feel they should be immune for being judged by women for their physical appearance?

I also explained in my previous post that I went through the awkward-looking phase in my early teens and was cruelly picked on by males in school, but by my late teens, I lost weight, was wearing make-up and males were flirting with me by that time.

Men of all ages still respond to me on dating sites now, where I have several recent photos of myself on my dating profile.

But, men on dating sites generally only care about my photos, they care only about what I look like and not about my profile, where I list information about myself.

Why? Because all most men care about are a woman’s looks. They care not about my dreams in life, my educational background or anything else.

I’ve heard similar stories from other women on blogs who discuss their experiences on dating sites.

Men judge women for their physical appearance all the time, yet expect women, including very attractive ones, to give them a break in the ‘looks department’ and date them, even if they find the male physically unappealing (or socially clueless, or some combination thereof). It’s pure hypocrisy.

I’m not the one who’s bitter about this.

I signed off on my last post explaining I accepted many years ago that most men are shallow putz wads about physical appearance, so I learned to diet, jog, and look my best – and it worked. Guys began asking me out.

However, the whiny guys I see on the internet will not simply accept the fact that women do want to date good-looking guys.

Instead of going to the gym and working out to develop a nice physique, so they can begin getting dates with these ladies, they complain online about female dating preferences.

They find blog posts like mine and choose to call me names and put me down for relating my personal experiences.
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