Don’t Get This Blog Confused With One With Similar Name / Unequally Yoked / Singleness

Don’t Get This Blog Confused With One With Similar Name

There is another blog with a name very similar to this one. I think it’s by a married lady and her husband? It’s called The Christian Pundit, where as mine is simply “Christian Pundit.”

Here is a link to the other blog:
(Link): The Christian Pundit

I don’t know the people at that blog and have nothing to do with it.

Someone at another blog linked to a page at that one – she has a page about what qualities to look for in a spouse if you are single and wanting to get married. I remember having read that page a few months ago but did not agree with all of its points.

She/he/they (whoever owns the blog) has several posts about Christians and sex, and one about single Christian men…

Note that my posting these does not necessarily mean I agree with all advice or view points:

(Link): Guys, It Matters Whom You Marry, Too

Re this comment from their page:

    1. It will impact your spiritual life. If the girl is not a believer, drop her now. You have no right to yoke yourself with someone who is not a believer, and a responsibility to obey Scripture’s clear and good direction in this

Uh, no. When you’re nearing mid-40s and are still never-married and there are no unmarried Christian men your age on dating sites or in churches it is unrealistic to keep holding out for a Christian man. You need to consider dating atheists, agnostics, and other Non Christians.

I think this is the post for the single ladies:
(Link) It Matters Whom You Marry

Re (comment by THE Christian pundit from the “It Matters Whom You Marry” post):

    If the guy is not a believer, you can stop right there. You have no business yoking a redeemed soul with an unregenerate one, even if he seems open to change.

That idealistic advice may sound good to give to a twenty year old girl, but not to a 40ish single woman who wants to marry.

Please note that the people at that blog also apparently believe in a procreation mandate, which is not binding on believers today:

(Link): Religion and Babies

    In the following TED talk, Hans Rosling posits the argument that religion really has nothing to do with birth rates. The talk is a fascinating one, and seems to indicate a general global pattern of declension from the God-given mandate to “be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it.” (Genesis 1:28)

See these posts at this blog for refutations of those beliefs, or for views that differ from them:

(Link): Conservatives and Christians Fretting About U.S. Population Decline – We Must “Out-breed” Opponents Christian Host Says

(Link): Being Equally Yoked: Christian Columnist Dan Delzell Striving to Keep Christian Singles Single Forever

(Link): Forget About Being ‘Equally Yoked’ – Article: ‘My Abusive ‘Christian’ Marriage’

(Link): Being Unequally Yoked

(Link): Misapplication of Biblical Verses About Fertility (also mentions early marriage) – a paper by J. McKeown

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(Link): Bay-Bees – Have them, have lots of them and NOW, no matter what say some Christians

(Link): Are [Religious] Fundamentalists Aiming to Out-Breed Secular America?

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(Link): Why all the articles about being Child Free? On Being Childfree or Childless – as a Conservative / Right Wing / Christian

(Link): I’m Childless, Not Child-Incompetent (editorial by G. Dalfonzo) – The Christian Tendency to Worship Family, Motherhood, and Children

(Link): Cultural Discrimination Against Childless and Childfree Women – and link to an editorial by a Childless Woman

(Link): The Child Free City

(Link): Childfree Christians / Childfree childless

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