Neo Calvinists / Neo Reformed Are The New Religious Right

Neo Calvinists / Neo Reformed Are The New Religious Right

I am right wing and a Republican but do not completely support the insane attention Christians give in trying to cram biblical morality down the throats of everyone in society.

I agree doctrine is important, but so too is meeting people’s needs.

So I am not a believer in “the social gospel” but do feel that the Bible teaches Christians need to give bread to the hungry and spend less time getting wrapped up in politics or being against abortion, homosexuality and whatever else.

I’m fed up with conservative Christians injecting politics into everything, or mixing religion with politics to the extreme extent they do.

This guy thinks that the old school religious right is dead or irrelevant and has been replaced by the Neo-Calvinists, and I cannot stand the Neo Cal’s. They and their theology are obnoxious.

Calvinism, even in its milder forms, reminds me of Islam, and I consider Islam harsh, unloving, violent, sexist, and it presents a God who is a violent jerk who hates all people (except, in the case of Calvinism, for maybe “the elect”).

(Link): I’m Probably Right About the New Religious Right

Excerpts (but please click the link above to read the entire page):

    I suggested that the neo-reformed movement – the “Young, Restless, and Reformed” that emerged a decade or so ago and have consolidated most notably into The Gospel Coalition, segments of the PCA, Southern Seminary and segments of the SBC, and Mark Driscoll’s Acts 29 network – is giving rise to a new religious right in the U.S.

… And the oversensitive pushback from these influential NR leaders likely just confirms the validity of the point I’m proposing. See, it has been a mainstay of the neo-reformed perspective to officially eschew political preoccupation in favor of “the gospel” and staying “gospel-centered.”

That is, where the moral majority and religious right that emerged in the 80′s seemed to equate evangelism with political influence (taking America back for God) and legislation on moral/religious issues, the neo-reformed have promoted evangelism through the message of the gospel apart from political action.

But, as the movement is settling into more institutional forms and some of its leaders are getting into their forties and older, I am seeing a return to the political emphasis – even if the presentation is more coy and political action is more of an “implication.” That is, I am seeing neo-reformed gospel-centrality becoming something of a means to a conservative political end – getting Americans saved in order to get America back to the values which are reflective of “true” Christianity.

… In other words, the neo-reformed movement has increasingly championed the notion that unity among evangelicals under the banner of conservative politics is desperately needed in order to stem the tide of moral and religious decline in America.

And this, clearly, not just in evangelism but also in the political activity which results from conversion.

By coalescing the conservative Christian identity under the essentially political issue of gay marriage (and, perhaps secondarily, “religious freedom”), gospel-centrality becomes a spiritual container for a fundamentally political identity; because ultimately what validates you as among the fold is your stance on these legislative issues.

Please read the rest of his post:
(Link): I’m Probably Right About the New Religious Right
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