Was Benny Hinn’s Brother Restored to Ministry Too Soon After Affair? (article)

Was Benny Hinn’s Brother Restored to Ministry Too Soon After Affair?

(Link): Was Benny Hinn’s Brother Restored to Ministry Too Soon After Affair?

I notice how a lot of conservative Christians pay lip service to how much they value sexual purity and virginity but really do not (see (Link): this post or (Link): this one or (Link): this one), but seem mighty flexible when it comes to sexual sins.

If you’re a married preacher and have an affair, those Christians who claim to uphold virginity until marriage cannot wait to get you back in the pulpit.

I have a question about this too.

If Christian sex propaganda were correct, and marital sex was truly “mind blowing,” as they often claim it is, why are these adulterous married preachers not sexually satisfied with their wives alone? Why do they seek out a mistress, porn sites, or paid prostitutes?

If married sex were so awesomely awesome, they would be having sex with their wife only and not screwing around on her.

Was Benny Hinn’s Brother Restored to Ministry Too Soon After Affair? Excerpts:

    Most leaders agree: pastors can return to pulpits after adultery. But they disagree on how long it should take.

    How soon is too soon for a pastor to return to the pulpit after ‘fessing up to an affair? Apparently no more than eight months, if you’re the brother of prominent televangelist Benny Hinn.

    The Orlando Sentinel reports that Sam Hinn, who admitted to a four-year extramarital affair in January, is already back in ministry. The younger Hinn completed a restoration process and was “re-ordained” Sunday at Orlando-area Church on the Living Edge, just eight months after he resigned from his position at Gathering Place Worship Center in Sanford, Florida.

    In addition, Sunday’s ceremony indicated that Hinn would be installed as a professor at Tabernacle Bible College Seminary in Tampa.
    But not everyone is happy about Sam Hinn’s restoration to the pulpit. Ron Johnson, a local pastor who counseled Sam Hinn, told the Sentinel that Hinn “walked out on a two-year restoration process after three months—leaving many of his problems unresolved.”

    Similarly, Johnson wrote in an op-ed for Charisma that he “outlined a two-year plan of restoration and walked through the initial stages with him. … Sam wanted to renegotiate the terms. When I wouldn’t agree to that, he withdrew from my covering and has since found a group of men willing to endorse his leadership in a more expeditious manner.”

    … Sam Hinn isn’t the only pastor to commit adultery (three other Orlando pastors (Link): did the same recently) and be restored to ministry as of late. Jim Bolin, founding pastor of Trinity Chapel Church of God in Powder Springs, Georgia, waited five years before returning to ministry—but unlike others, he was (Link): restored to his position at the church he founded.

    Meanwhile, megachuch pastor Dino Rizzo has also returned to the pulpit at The Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama, barely a year after resigning as senior pastor of Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

    According to Alabama.com, “Overseers of Healing Place Church devised a restoration plan, 31 items long, which required counseling for Rizzo and his wife, Delynn,” but Rizzo left the church and sought employment elsewhere.

    CT previously has reported that the vast majority of National Association of Evangelical (NAE) board members say pastors can be restored to church roles after marital infidelity. The highest-profile case study: Ted Haggard, former NAE president and New Life Church pastor

Yeah, where the rubber hits the road, American Christendom is not supportive of biblical sexual ethics.
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