Christian 2013 Women Conference

Christian 2013 Women Conference

Before I talk about the woman’s conference:

I found a really good PDF about Christian singleness I wanted to share. I bookmarked it a few weeks ago but can’t find it. I’d like to post it to this blog if I can find it again. So one of these days, I will post that if I can find it.

Anyhoo. This caught my eye:
(Link): Over 5,000 Attend Women of Faith Conference in Washington, DC

I skimmed the page over.

I was pleasantly surprised that this “Women of Faith” conference did NOT cover the usual crock, barfy, topics one would expect at a conservative gathering for evangelical / Christian women such as…


1. How to bake nutritious, tasty, flavorful, healthful casseroles for your husband; recipes galore available at the meeting!

2. How to sew cute, home-made pinafores for your daughters!

3. How to perform sexually for your husband, even on days you’re tired or sick and would rather tell him to go jump off a cliff

4. How to submit joyfully and gracefully unto your man

5. How to make cheapy, crafty junky stuff with glue guns, pine cones, glitter, construction paper and pipe cleaners to use as table center pieces!

6. Learn that you have inner beauty thanks to your place in Jesus Christ but we will contradict this teaching during the conference to put on “Diet and Beauty” seminars, where you will learn to apply mascara and lip stick and that you need to Stay Pretty for your husband because ‘Men Are Visually Oriented’!

7. Learn how to vacuum and wash the dishes by hand at the same time!

8. Tips to make your grocery budget go further!
Instead, the host of the event discussed trusting God even if you have fear in your life, as well as her personal battle with clinical depression.

By the way: I hate the words “tasty” and “flavorful” and “healthful.”

But I would not be shocked if a Christian woman’s conference covered the points I listed above. I’ve seen similar points being advertised at Christian conferences for teen girls and for adult women, including by Independent Fundamentalist Baptist churches and by Bill Gothard groups.

Here is a quote from the article (“Over 5,000 Attend Women of Faith Conference in Washington, DC”):

    “I [conference host Sheila Walsh] went from hosting the 700 club for five years to ending up in a psychiatric ward. There’s so much stigma within the church about mental illness but I wear my testimony on my sleeve,” said Walsh. “You see, there is beauty in transparency. We have learned how to wear masks but we shouldn’t be afraid to be seen for who we really are.”

    She called on women to get rid of their fear of going through storms while affirming that they do not have to maneuver through life – God can do it for them. Walsh illustrated her point by bringing an inflatable boat on stage while making the point that several types of women exist that refuse or doubt that their circumstances can be handled by Christ.


Not that what she said is all wrong or bad, but I don’t grasp this:

“God can do it for them”

I often hear Christians say “hand your fears (or depression or whatever) over to God.” What does that mean? It’s so vague.

During the years I had depression and panic attacks, I repeatedly went to God in prayer about it. I asked for healing.

I told God on several occasions, “I hand my depression to you,” and that NEVER made the depression or panic attacks go away.

So how does one “hand their problems” over to God? I want to see concrete steps here, not vague recommendations.