Kerry Shook Devotes Yet *Another* Show / Sermon to Marriage

Kerry Shook Devotes Yet *Another* Show / Sermon to Marriage

There was a repeat tonight (August 19, 2013) of a Kerry Shook program (preacher from Texas) on television. It was first broadcast earlier today.

Holy freaking cow. Nine out of ten times when I see this guy’s show (which is almost every single week), the sermon topic is about MARRIAGE.

Tonight was no exception. Shook has an ice cream truck with the words “Good Humor” on it on stage behind the pulpit. The sermon theme was called “God Humor.” (That is not a typo; he calls the series “GOD” Humor, not “GOOD” Humor. *sigh*)

Shook had two guests on, who each talked about marriage. The first guy was named Matt. He talked about how his wife felt neglected, he told the husbands how they are to lead their wives, but most husbands drop the ball on this. I have to correct this guy: your wife is an adult. She is not yours to lead.

Gender complementarians – and I would assume Matt is one – wrongly believe they are a woman’s “spiritual leader” and should stand in the gap between their wife and God, which is nonsense.

The Bible teaches no such thing.

Women are grown-ups. They are adults. Gender complementarian (traditional gender role) teachings that many Christians love to believe as true and biblical infantilizes women.

Your wife is not perpetually a three year old toddler who needs you to act as her guide or her daddy. She is quite capable of making her own spiritual choices in life, and any other choices.

The other guest on Shook’s show was named Colt, I think. He talked about being married, and I tuned out the rest of what he had to say.

Anyway, when are preachers like Shook going to realize upwards of 45% of the U.S. population are single, and he might have several single adults in his congregation who don’t need to hear these insipid “how to strengthen your marriage” sermons and pep talks every other Sunday?

In the years I’ve listened to this Shook guy -and he seems quite nice, don’t get me wrong- but I’ve not once heard the dude discuss how to have a great un-married life. Does he not realize that almost half the American adult population is SINGLE????

Edit. If you want to watch or listen to this Good Humor Marriage sermon thingy, you can check it out on the Shook site here:
(Link): Real Win

From the Shook page about this sermon series:

    Discover how God has a sense of humor when dealing with His children. This series will make you smile as Pastor Kerry reveals God’s work in the lives of some great Bible characters and how their lessons in spiritual growth apply to you.

From what I saw of this series so far, it did not make me smile. It made me frowny-angry. 😡
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