Weird Dating Sites, Toilet Dating, Dating Sites and Privacy

Weird Dating Sites and Toilet Dating

(Link): Major Dating Service Faces Legal Action for Allegedly Sharing HIV and STD Statuses of Customers

(Link): UK Online Dating Sites Catch Heat On Privacy

    Government and BBC investigations raise alarms about the industry’s personal data handling practices, social media identity theft.

(Link): Toilet Dating Has British Singles Flush With Excitement

    A British dating website is attempting a new way of connecting singles that even they admit is crappy: Toilet dating.

    The London-based site,, is pairing up with a company called London Loo Tours to offer monthly “toilet nights.”

    Toilet Dating combines a singles night with a pub crawl and a sightseeing tour of the city’s most interesting bathrooms, the Metro reported.

    According to a press release, folks who sign up for the excrement-oriented event will endure tons of toilet puns and learning the ins and outs of toilet history from Roman times.

    Participants will also learn tricks for finding free public restrooms in London.

    DoingSomething founder Matt Janes is flush with excitement about the possibilities.

    “Nothing would be more awkward than having a first date in a toilet… until now,” he said, according to

(Link): Weird Dating Sites: From Gluten-Free Singles To Hot Sauce Passions, There’s Something For You (PHOTOS)

    Gluten Free Singles

    Equestrian Cupid

    Clown Dating

    Hot Sauce Passions

    Amish Online Dating

    Meet an Inmate

    Darwin Dating

    Sea Captain Date


      If the deciding factor in forming a relationship is whether or not a prospective partner is compatible with your feline companion, then is your go-to dating site, and hey, it’s already got a pun in the url.

    Furry Mate

      For people who identify sexually with the furry-lifestyle, Furry Mate is the perfect place for you to find your anthropomorphic animal partner.

    Mullet Passions

    Diaper Mates

    The Ugly Ball

      The Ugly Ball is a self-proclaimed dating site for the “aesthetically average” people out there, essentially the polar opposite of Darwin Dating, this site is for those who are willing to admit they’re far from gorgeous.

    Singles with Food Allergies

    Uniform Dating

    My Lonely Parent

    Women Behind Bars

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