Unintentional Comedy Piece: SBC Russell Moore Supposedly Concerned about Erosion of Traditional Christian Values – LOL!

Unintentional Comedy Piece: SBC Russell Moore Supposedly Concerned about Erosion of Traditional Christian Values LOL!

You can read about Mr. Moore’s deep concern of the erosion of traditional, biblical values here:

(Link): ‘The Bible Belt Is Collapsing;’ Christians Have Lost Culture War, Says ERLC President Russell Moore, Christian Post

Thank you for the laugh, Christian Post!


    • By Leonardo Blair , CP Reporter
    • August 19, 2013

President of The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, Russell Moore, says “the Bible Belt is collapsing” and Christians have lost the culture war in America. However, the latest developments in the U.S. just “might be good for the church,” he explained.

In a (Link): recent report in the Wall Street Journal, Moore conceded that traditional Christian values no longer define mainstream American culture the way they did up-to 20 years ago, but it could be good for the church because “we are no longer the moral majority. We are a prophetic minority,” he said.

He explained that mainstream culture has moved away from traditional views on issues like gay marriage, abortion and even “basic religious affiliation,” and the church now needs a new approach to attract and retain believers and influence politics.

“This is the end of ‘slouching toward Gomorrah,'” he said. “We were never promised that the culture would embrace us.”

… Moore is looking instead, to direct the evangelical movement to serve as religious examples on life, marriage and religious liberty.
Christians, said Moore, are losing the debate on gay marriage because they don’t have a real understanding of marriage and they operate under the premise that “my marriage is my business.”

“We have embraced certain aspects of the sexual revolution,” said Moore, like the “divorce culture.”
— end excerpts —

So. He’s upset America is in support of abortion (actually, polls I’ve seen the last few years say more Americans now are opposed to it), homosexuality – but I would assume he is peachy keen with unmarried people having sex before marriage, see this:
(Link): Christians Who Attack Virginity Celibacy and Sexual Purity – and specifically Russell D. Moore and James M. Kushiner

He’s such a hypocrite. 😆 He’s fine with hetero singles having pre marital sex, but takes issue with homosexuals having sex (some other Christians get this backwards though, see links below).

(Link): Christian Double Standards on Celibacy – Hetero Singles Must Abstain from Sex but Not Homosexual Singles

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3 thoughts on “Unintentional Comedy Piece: SBC Russell Moore Supposedly Concerned about Erosion of Traditional Christian Values – LOL!”

  1. Okay. Here’s a quote from Moore from his own web site. He has taken this paragraph out, but you can still see it in the comment section where somebody quoted him. Apparently he’s also removed my comments about it. Sad thing though is that you can’t take back what you put in cyberspace. http://www.russellmoore.com/2012/03/08/why-impostors-love-the-church/

    “At my church, this has created a sub-culture of men who have extremely unhealthy relationships with both men and women. There are groups of men who, although they aren’t explicit about their sexuality, carry themselves in a way that is clearly trying to make a statement – through speaking with a strong lisp or by acting in an exaggerated effeminate way. These men tend to flock together and silently affirm their secret desires. Another issue is that is has essentially become normal to be in your 30′s or 40′s and to be single. This creates a church culture in which the value of marriage is diminished. and sadly, some of these men who keep this struggle secret also recklessly enter into relationships with women and even marry before they’re ready, the results often being disastrous.”

    And can you believe that is from the mouth of a supposed educated man? It’s hard to believe the SBC can’t do better than that. Really, why do they even have an ethics commission when all of their churches are autonomous? My next door Baptist church could marry two lesbians and take up a collection for Planned Parenthood Sunday and nobody would bat an eye.

  2. Pro gay rights, pro same sex marriage, pro premarital sex, pro unconditional amnesty. As you can see from this article, he doesn’t even support the local church. He’s publicly stated that all single men over 35-40 are homosexual and that the only way to “biblical manhood” is through marriage. He finally took that off his blog after much pressure from myself and I assume many other people. As you noted, he’s adamantly opposed to purity and believes the only way to prevent fornication is to marry young. “True love does not wait. It mates.” To me, that defines perversion. Russell Moore does not know what a traditional Christian value is. It’s amazing to me that he got put in that job. It’s embarrassing because we have to undo the damage he causes.

    1. I saw this post of yours the other day but have been busy doing other stuff lately. Anyway.

      [Moore said],
      “True love does not wait. It mates.”

      Holy cow, he’s worse than I thought. I’m not grasping this weird mind set by so many Christians (who CLAIM to support virginity) that in their way of thinking, being celibate or a virgin until marriage is not even considered an option, not for anyone over the age of 25 or 30ish.

      I don’t think they realize they are contributing to the increase in fornication with attitudes like that.

      As I’ve blogged about before, churches have bought into secular views on sex, which is nobody can put off sex, it’s impossible. When you keep telling people (including teens) that they are controlled by their biological urges/ desire/ lust, most of them are not even going to try to fight. They are going to cave in and have sex before marriage because they’ve never heard the message they don’t have to cave in.

      I believe that much of Baptist/ Fundy/ Evangelical teachings about 1. marriage, 2. gender, and 3. singlehood (and 4. sex) is also contributing to the avalanche of unwanted singleness among Christian adults.

      Married Christians say they are “pro marriage,” but their teachings on topics 1, 2, 3, 4 are part of what is keeping Christians single past their 20s. They are creating the problem they say they want to avoid.

      You said,
      He’s publicly stated that all single men over 35-40 are homosexual and that the only way to “biblical manhood” is through marriage

      He should be punched in the throat for the first half of that. The second half is also obnoxious and un-true, but it also sounds very Mark Driscoll-ian (Driscoll is a Seattle preacher, very popular, who is Reformed. He teaches a hyper masculine Jesus/Christianity. So too is John Piper, another popular and influential preacher (I think Piper is retired now?)

      Driscoll is also obsessed with all things sex.

      BTW, a lot of these married guys who say stuff like all never married males over age 25 are homosexual or are not “real men” usually adhere to very strict gender roles. They tend to be “gender complementarians.”

      I think Gender Comp (gender complementariansm), which is being used as an excuse to exclude women from service in churches (and used for men to hold on to authority that is not theirs, or to horde authority), also does a lot of damage to males, not just to women, and to all singles of either gender.

      The Gender Comp view is also highly, incredibly “marriage- and family- centric,” where some groups who buy into Gender Compism think it is a Christian’s only purpose in life to marry and crank out babies, and at that to defeat Islam and secular culture.

      Gender comp-ism theology has no room or role for never married, childless adults.

      They think you only matter if you are married and/or having children.

      Gender comps tend to define womanhood as = mommy and wife.

      The Bible never says all women will marry and have a kid.

      The Bible does not ignore or exclude childless or single people but churches sure as hell do, especially the ones who try to define gender (manhood and womanhood) in marital terms only.

      You said,
      “As you noted, he’s adamantly opposed to purity and believes the only way to prevent fornication is to marry young.”

      Several other well known Christians also believe this tripe. Just because they couldn’t keep it in their pants until they got married at 19 or 23 doesn’t mean other people cannot – I’m early 40s and still a virgin, and it was by choice, God did not supernaturally remove my libido.

      I think I would like to make your post into a stand-alone about Moore’s obnoxious views, in a guest type post. If you wanted to add additional comments or links or whatever, I could include those.

      About the only positive thing I can say about Moore’s views on conservative Christians losing the culture wars is that I do think religious right Christians spend far too much time on social issues (homosexuality etc), so it might be kind of good they’ve lost.

      I don’t support homosexuality or abortion, and I’m not saying Christians should never ever speak out against that stuff, but some Christians are so incredibly consumed fighting secular immorality that they have dropped the ball on helping other Christians who are hurting.

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