To Get Any Attention or Support from a Church These Days you Have To Be A Stripper, Prostitute, or Orphan

To Get Any Attention or Support from a Church These Days you Have To Be A Stripper, Prostitute, or Orphan

Well. Good luck getting any support if you are a Christian who has remained celibate and single into your 30s and older. Churches would rather serve and help strippers, orphans, homeless people and prostitutes than singles.

Note that I am not saying it is wrong for Christians to help strippers, orphans, and so on, only that I condemning them for being very selective in when, where, and to whom they offer help and compassion.

Christians will help a stripper or porn star but not a Christian woman who is a virgin who has remain unmarried into her 40s. There’s something very wrong with Christians showing preferential treatment to some categories of people, such as helping strippers and prostitutes, but not celibate Christian women who are single.

It looks to me as if you want or need community, friendship, support, or help from most churches that you must become a stripper, a whore, or an orphan in Africa, or a homeless bag lady downtown.

It’s so odd that so many Christians are so quick to help people stuck in sexual sin, or who willfully engage in sexual sin, but treat Christians who have remained sexually pure like garbage.

I guess I can go to work as a stripper in Nashville, and then this pastor’s wife will fellowship with me and bring me home-cooked meals:

(Link): Tennessee Pastor’s Wife Begins Ministry for Strippers in Nashville


    • August 21, 2013
    • “Strip Church” ministry based out of Nashville, Tenn. began after a pastor’s wife fasted for 21 days in late 2012 for a new purpose, only to learn God was calling her to reach out to strippers and women in the porn industry.
  •  “I had one clear direction from God, and it was “go feed the strippers.” I had no idea what that meant, but it was pressing so hard on my heart that I had to obey. I realized the homosexual, stripper, child molester, atheist, drug addict, Muslim and abortionist is not the enemy, they are the mission field,” said Stevens to The Christian Post.

Stevens, who helps her husband, Todd Stevens, lead Friendship Community Church in Mt. Juliet, Tenn., was bewildered but willing to serve so she made her first call to a strip club in downtown Nashville, where according to Stevens, the porn industry market is “huge.” After telling the manager of Déjà Vu that she wanted to go to the club and take food for the dancers with no strings attached, she was surprised that he invited her the following week.

“She doesn’t spread the gospel at Deja Vu, she just shows the girls love by listening, being attentive, and answering any questions they may have about life or faith,” said John Sanchez, general manager at Déjà Vu, to CP. “The reason she was invited was because she didn’t try to ‘spread the word.””

During her first visit, Stevens took a home cooked meal to the club and stayed for 45 minutes to hold conversation with the women. There were no “high pressure sales pitch, no Bible and no tracts,” according to Stevens. Now, she goes twice a month for an hour before the night shift begins. In addition, she visits another club in the same area where she “shows God’s love in a practical way.”

“My vision for the Strip Church ministry is to be able to provide free Christian counseling, free job placement, free GED training or college courses, free childcare, free medical care, and meet benevolence needs the girls may have,” said Stevens.

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2 thoughts on “To Get Any Attention or Support from a Church These Days you Have To Be A Stripper, Prostitute, or Orphan”

  1. I’ve always considered sins of omission much greater than those of commission. But actually those of us who have followed the rules are condemned and ridiculed, while those who break every rule in the book get a free ride. In the area of sexual ethics, I can think of several hundred examples.

    If you have premarital sex and get an STD, your medical care will most likely be covered by insurance, more than likely parents’ insurance. If you have patience and can wait, but you suffer from depression or other mental illness, you’re out of luck.

    If you have premarital sex and get pregnant, the expense of your care is not only covered, but your church will throw you a white dress wedding and baby shower. If you’re an older never married single, you’re condemned as gay and they want even provide you a ride to the emergency room.

    Shacking up? No need to worry. The church will not only find you a place, help with the finances, and help you move in – they’ll throw you a house warming party. If you’re an older single, they would rather watch you freeze to death than pay for a utility bill.

    Can’t afford baby clothes? No need to worry. The church will buy diapers, crib, baby food, etc. A generous Walmart gift card is usually included. You can expect the new grandparents to get in on the act as well. Older singles? Without any family, they get by on second hand essentials.

    Teenagers who really wanted to wait until marriage but couldn’t. No need to worry. Your local church will help you send out wedding invitations. You’ll have friends you didn’t know you had. The new daddy will be asked to be a church deacon and teach a youth group. Older singles still looking? They’re left on a pew by themselves every time the church opens. Assumed to be gay, they won’t be allowed near youth.

    Yes, I’ve seen all of these happen. And preachers and churchgoers still scratch their head, wondering what happened to America’s Christian values.

    I can think of more, but I’ll stop there.


    1. I think I find all of this stuff even more disappointing or shocking because my mother, who was a very committed Christian, actually “walked the walk.” She would get up and help people. She would also do things like listen to your problems without judging you.

      I emulated my Mom. Over my life, I would help people, not just offer a platitude, not judge, but do stuff to help people who came to me in need.

      So I grew up with this role modeled for me that Christians will give you concrete help and not judge you, and I naively thought all Christians were as equally wonderful as my Mom on these matters (and my Mom was trying to copy Jesus’ example).

      But when I started going back to church after Mom’s death, that is when I started noticing (to my horror) things like Christians claiming to love Jesus and people – but not following through.

      Or, I was seeing things like Christians who say they love people, but then they treat YOU like crap while volunteering to feed homeless crack addicts.

      I wondered if it was just me or if others had noticed this too, so I did a ton of web searches and found countless blog and forum comments by other Christians who had soured on church/Christianity like I was starting to, because they had been mistreated or ignored by their church…

      And some of these people had been going to the same freaking church for ten or more years, serving weekly, tithing, etc, but when their time of need came, their preacher told them to kiss off!

      Churches and preachers take, take, take – they take your time, money, and effort but don’t give back when you personally are in need.

      You said, “Shacking up? No need to worry. The church will not only find you a place, help with the finances, and help you move in… (etc)”

      Yes, I’ve seen those types of stories before.

      I saw one a few months ago online and another about a year ago on a Christian TV show about churches where the preacher is upset people in his church who attend are shacking up and not marrying. So, the preacher told them if they would get married, he and the church would pay their wedding costs. Several couples took them up on that. The church paid for their weddings.

      I do not understand how most Christians / churches say out of one side of their face they are against pre- marital sex, adultery, selfishness, etc, but do nothing to help Christians who are living godly lives, who for example, are single and celibate and undergoing some kind of problem.

      These Christians will help prostitutes, men hooked on porn, crack addicts – which is fine, the Bible says Christians should help the poor and so forth – but they won’t left a finger to help the godly guy or woman who is in a jam in some way or simply sad and needs a word of encouragement. I don’t get it.

      I don’t understand why those who fall into grave, habitual sin get REWARDED for it by Christians, but those who have tried to sincerely live a clean life who are going through a tough time get PUNISHED by Christians.

      What sets me off lately are blogs and sermons I hear where the preacher gets angry at people like you or me who point this stuff out.

      According to these preachers, we are supposed to just suck it up and go back to church and let the abuse and mistreatment continue.

      I’ve stopped going to church and am hesitant to go back to another one because of things like this.

      Instead of preachers admitting in blogs/sermons that yes, churches get things wrong and have victimized or hurt people, and hey, we are SO SORRY!, they instead rant on their shows and web sites against the victims and wounded.

      They say we hurting people who have been hurt by churches need to shut up, stop blaming the church, etc.

      I just found another Christian web page like that the other day I was going to post about soon.

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