Shocker: Kerry Shook Show Last Night NOT About Marriage

Shocker: Kerry Shook Show Last Night NOT About Marriage

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You know that the guy predominantly covers marriage. Marriage marriage marriage.

Last night, the topic of his show was actually NOT about marriage.

His show was about death and Heaven. Shook interviewed some guy who said he died, went to Heaven, and came back again.

I’m not sure, but I think Shook said this is a sermon series, and that for the next show or two, he will be discussing Hell too.

But I bet as soon as this death, hell, and heaven series is over, he’ll return to sermonizing about marriage. Again.

It does not seem to occur to this guy that upwards of 45% of the American adult population is single, which includes NEVER MARRIED adults who simply cannot relate to non-stop marriage pontificating.

But for one show at least, he stopped yapping about marriage to discuss something that affects all humans, married, divorced, widowed, or never married: death. Hooray!
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