Measles Outbreak in Word of Faith Church

Measles Outbreak in Word of Faith Church

(Link): Texas Measles Outbreak Linked to Church Led by Kenneth Copeland’s Daughter; Infection Spreads to Congregation, Staff, Day Care

LOL! LOL! Using WOF thelogy against these WOFers: they got sick because they weren’t tithing regularly, they lacked faith, they weren’t praying hard enough, and they obviously, at some point, were making NEGATIVE CONFESSIONS! LOL! 😆

I hate WoF (“Prosperity Gospel”).

From the article

    August 26, 2013

    Texas has been identified as ground zero for the latest measles outbreak after 25 cases were recently reported and at least 15 of those cases are tied to Eagle Mountain International Church in the city of Newark. The church is led by Terri Pearsons, the oldest daughter of televangelist Kenneth Copeland who has linked child vaccinations to autism.

    The unidentified visitor is said to have infected members of the congregation, staff at Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and the church’s on-site daycare center. The virus is spread through the air by breathing, coughing or sneezing.

No, the virus is spread by making NEGATIVE CONFESSIONS, don’t these dweebs know anything?? 😆

You’re supposed to loudly proclaim, “O virus, I order you in the name of Jesus to leave mah body!”

From farther down (Link): that same article:

    The church, which reportedly attracts about 1,250 worshippers, had the entire campus cleaned and the children’s nursery shut down. The children who contracted measles were home-schooled, according to health officials. Texas law requires children to be vaccinated before entering public school.

    “The ministry has held free immunization clinics for employees and church members to assist them in obtaining the best medical care for their families,” Eagle Mountain International Church reported. “We continue to follow up on pending and confirmed cases to help in any way we can to keep the outbreak contained. We ask that others join with us in prayer over this outbreak, and we believe that God is moving on behalf of each affected family.”

    A statement attributed to the executive offices of Kenneth Copeland Ministries maintains the church’s position regarding the place of faith “when standing for healing.”

    “Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ position regarding dealing with any medical condition involving yourself or someone in your family is to first seek the wisdom of God, His Word, and appropriate medical attention from a professional that you know and trust,” reads a statement.

    “Apply wisdom and discernment in carrying out their recommendations for treatment. This would include: vaccinations, immunizations, surgeries, prescriptions, or any other medical procedures. By faith we are standing on the Word of God. When standing for healing there are natural steps as well as spiritual steps to take.”

    Copeland, who is opposed by some believers for his controversial “prosperity teachings,” has previously expressed his concerns regarding possible links between child vaccinations and autism, a theory that remains unproven by the scientific community.

(Link): Texas measles outbreak linked to church

(Link): Texas Church Tied to Measles Outbreak Preaching Vaccinations

(Link): Megachurch Changes Vaccination Stance After Outbreak

    A Texas megachurch has shifted its stance on immunization, following a measles outbreak among its faithful.

    At least 20 members of the Eagle Mountain International Church in North Texas have been diagnosed with measles after a few members of the congregation traveled abroad on a mission trip and contracted the disease. The church is part of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, which has advocated abstaining from vaccinations and immunizations for fear they cause autism.

    Pastor Terri Copeland Pearsons, daughter of Kenneth Copeland, announced in a sermon last week that the church will be hosting vaccination clinics and urged her congregation to attend.

(Link): Measles Outbreak Traced To Kenneth Copeland’s Church

(Link): There’s a Measles Outbreak at Vaccine-Denying Pastor Kenneth Copeland’s Fort Worth Church

(Link): Texas church linked to measles outbreak

    “I would encourage you to do that… Go do it… And do it in faith,” Terri Pearsons, daughter of televangelist Kenneth Copeland, said from the pulpit on 14 August at the church in Newark, Texas.

    Ms Pearsons had previously been sceptical of measles vaccinations, USA Today reports. The disease spread among families who had chosen not to vaccinate their children, health officials said.

Word of Faith loons (as well as brands of conservative Christianity, such as Fundamentalist Baptists, some Calvinists, etc) also tend to be highly un-sympathetic to those who have mental health problems.
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