Pastor Busted in Prostitution Sting – If Married Sex So Great Why Do So Many Married Christian Men Have Affairs

And Christians continue to suspect older single Christians of being horn dogs or sex crazed harlots, when we’re abstaining sexually. Meanwhile, married Christian preachers are viewing porn, raping women, or seeking prostitutes.

My question for Christians out there who push the mantra that “wait until marriage for sex because the sex will be great.” If married sex is so damn great, why do I regularly see stories about MARRIED men, including MARRIED PASTORS, having sex with prostitutes, looking at porn, having affairs? Should these idiots not be satisfied with their wives alone if Christian propaganda about sex and marriage is true?

And so much for the trope that single women seek out married men to have sex with them: the reverse is often true, married men go out looking for women to hit on, married or single.

(Link): Married pastor jailed in prostitution sting

    Pastor Carlos Feliciano of One Way Family Church in St. Cloud pulled over and asked the woman ‘working the streets’ for a full body massage, the arrest report stated, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

    When the ‘streetwalker,’ who was an undercover cop, then asked the 37-year-old pastor if he was offering her $60 for sex, he reportedly said he “wanted everything,” the arrest affidavit stated, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

    Feliciano’s wife, who is also his fellow pastor at the church, got the bad news when she showed up at the police headquarters — along with other family members — to file a missing person’s report, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

(Link): Pastor of One Way Family Church in St. Cloud arrested in prostitution sting

    After some banter with the woman on the corner — who was police Sgt. Dhalyn Lakey — Carlos Feliciano, pastor of One Way Family Church in St. Cloud, said he “wanted everything” when she asked if he was offering her $60 for sex, the arrest report stated.

    She told Feliciano to drive around the corner to meet her on 15th Street, where the evangelical minister with a congregation on Commerce Center Drive found himself surrounded by police officers and charged with purchasing prostitution services, records show.

    “Carlos stated that when he approached the female (UC) he was initially looking for a body rub and when the female asked him if he wanted sex, he said, ‘Yes,'” a detective wrote. “Carlos told me, ‘I failed.'”

(Link): Pastor Busted in Prostitution Sting After Allegedly Offering $60 for Full Body Rub and ‘Everything’

    A pastor’s family who couldn’t find him hours after he was last seen handing out fliers and visiting churches last Friday were shocked to discover he had been stewing in jail for allegedly offering an undercover cop $60 for a full body rub and “everything.”

    The pastor, Carlos Feliciano, 37, of One Way Family Church in St. Cloud, Fla., was so ashamed of his indiscretion that he refused to call his family for help after cops busted him.

    According to the Orlando Sentinel, Feliciano allegedly circled undercover police officer Sgt. Dhalyn Lakey repeatedly as she stood on 13th Street in St. Cloud last Friday afternoon until he approached her after about 10 minutes and requested the full body massage.

    …Caught in the embarrassing bind, Feliciano chose to forego his phone call to alert his family of his predicament. His wife is reportedly a fellow pastor at the One Way Family Church.

    His secret, however, didn’t hold for long as his wife and concerned family showed up at the police headquarters at about 6 p.m. on Friday ready to file a missing person report for the pastor.

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