Top five women’s sexual fantasies in 2013

(Link): Top five women’s sexual fantasies in 2013

    A new book, Garden of Desires, explores the breadth of women’s sexual fantasies today, some 40 years on after the publication of Nancy Friday’s seminal work on the same topic: My Secret Garden. Dr Brooke Magnanti enjoys the update.

    While discussion of women and sex is never far from the headlines, what do we really know about female desire? What -as the famous question goes – does a woman want? A new book, conceived as an update to Nancy Friday’s seminal My Secret Garden, seeks to probe that very question.

    Garden of Desires, written by Emily Dubberley, explores the breadth of women’s fantasies. It asks the question of what has changed since the 1970s when My Secret Garden was first published. Incorporating research into the origins of fantasies as well as extensive interviews with women, it lays bare the depth and breadth of women’s sexual imagination.

    At the time was My Secret Garden was published, people were surprised by the extent of women’s fantasies. It may be hard to imagine now, but back in 1973 many people thought women didn’t have sexual fantasies at all.

    In the same month as My Secret Garden’s release, Cosmo ran a feature with the opening line: “Women do not have sexual fantasies, period. Men do.” Nancy Friday’s book changed that tinting, and within a year Erica Jong’s Fear of Flying (the book that spawned the wonderful phrase, a ‘zipless f***’) appeared. More importantly, the book wasn’t simply a single splash, but rippled on and on as generation of women found to their surprise that other people had the same kinds of thoughts they did.

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