Rock Singer Gwen Stefani Pregnant at Age 43

Rock Singer Gwen Stefani Pregnant at Age 43

I’m in my early 40s. Christians keep telling me and other women to get married by age 25 before it’s too late and we can’t squeeze out any rug rats, but I keep seeing stories of 40 something rock stars having babies. Never mind you can’t control when you get married. I wanted to marry before turning 35, but I cannot produce a spouse from thin air.

There was also another story this week of a late 30/early 40s couple who went the IVF route and had TWINS. Here is a link to their story:

(Link): Babble bloggers: ‘We’re pissed’ to be pregnant with twins

  • But as mom and dad were both “pushing 40,” these methods didn’t work, and the couple decided to try in vitro fertilization. With in vitro, or IVF, several eggs are fertilized outside the body; the resulting embryos are then implanted in the woman’s womb.
  • It worked — on the first try. But the result wasn’t exactly what this couple was looking for.
  • …You see, both embryos that were implanted stuck. The wife is pregnant with twins.

(Link): PHOTOS: Over 40 and pregnant stars

(Link): Gwen Stefani Pregnant: Expecting Third Child With Gavin Rossdale at Age 43

    Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are expanding their family! A source confirms to Us Weekly that the 43-year-old No Doubt singer is pregnant with the couple’s third child.

“It’s very new and they just found out,” the source tells Us. “They’re excited!”

(Link): Gwen Stefani pregnant with third child at age 43: report

(Link): Gwen Stefani is reportedly pregnant with her third child
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