Idolizing Family by David McCrory ? / Familial Idolization

(Link): Idolizing Family by David McCrory

The guy makes some of the same points I’ve made at this blog repeatedly. But, he warns Christians against “idolizing the family,” as if it’s not happened yet – it has. The American church has already made an idol of the nuclear family.

Excerpt from his blog page

    The Gospel must remain central. We will not reclaim the culture for Christ simply be reforming the family. God must transform our hearts. The Gospel must go forth, and the Lord of heaven and earth must be proclaimed as Ruler of all. After Jesus reigns in our hearts, then He can rule in our homes. So we must not idolize our home, even though we know it to be under attack. Remember to seek the Lord first, and all other things shall be added unto you.
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