19-Year-Old Student at Christian College Bleeds to Death After Secretly Delivering Stillborn Baby in Dorm Room

This is a rarity. Rarely do I hear or see stories where someone’s fornication did not end well for them.

I usually hear and see Christians who say they had tons of pre marital sex, but it did not result in any negative consequences for them. This story is an exception.

Oh, yeah. Add this to the file of “Being a Mother Does Not Automatically Make A Woman Godly, Mature, or Responsible,” since a lot of Christians stigmatize women like me who never got pregnant and popped out a kid. No, I’ve never had a kid, but then, I’ve never tried to abort one, either. (Note: some sources say her baby was still born, but one or two sources I read suggested she may have been trying to abort the baby).

(Link): Sacramento woman, 19, dies after giving birth at college

(Link): Student from California gives birth in dorm room, bleeds to death

    Ayaanah Gibson, a pregnant 19-year-old freshman from Sacramento, was alone in her dormitory room at Benedict College in Columbia, S.C., over the Labor Day weekend. At some point, Gibson gave birth, lost consciousness and bled to death, according to the local coroner.

    Gibson’s body was found late Tuesday night, along with the baby, which apparently was stillborn, said Gary Watts, the Richland County coroner.

    “She died from a loss of blood due to a spontaneous delivery,” Watts said in a telephone interview with the Los Angeles Times. He said Gibson, a chemistry major, was 30 to 32 weeks pregnant.

19-Year-Old Student at Christian College Bleeds to Death After Secretly Delivering Stillborn Baby in Dorm Room

    September 6, 2013|2:09 pm

    A 19-year-old student who may not have known she was pregnant bled to death in her dorm room at the Christian-focused Benedict College in Columbia, S.C., after secretly delivering a stillborn baby.

    According to a WISTV report the student’s family was unaware that the teenager was pregnant and officials say she may not have been aware of the pregnancy herself. They found no evidence of prenatal care.

    What doctors know for sure though is that the dead teenager’s life could have been saved if she had received medical attention.

    The student, identified as Ayaanah Gibson, was between 30 to 32 weeks pregnant, according to County Coroner Gary Watt who said if she had gone to the hospital after delivering, the baby could have been saved.

    Three of South Carolina’s largest Hospitals- Providence, Palmetto Baptist and Palmetto Richland are within a mile and a half away from the college.

    “She was approximately 30 to 32 weeks pregnant, and it appears she bled out because of the delivery,” Watts said in a report in The State. “There is no sign of any kind of intentional delivery or anything like that,” he said. “It appears to be some kind of spontaneous delivery.”

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