Christian TV Personality ( Jimmy Evans ) Says You Cannot Meet God’s Destiny For Your Life Without A Spouse = Anti Singleness Singlehood Singles Bias Prejudice Making Idol out of Marriage

Christian TV Personality ( Jimmy Evans ) Says You Cannot Meet God’s Destiny For Your Life Without A Spouse

Wow, the anti-singleness was astounding.

Previously, Jimmy Evans taught that Un-married people only have “half a brain” and need a spouse to have a complete brain (see links at bottom of this post for more on that).

Jimmy Evans, host of “Marriage Today” (or whatever the Christian show is called, their site is here, (Link): Marriage – edit, June 2021: Evans is re-branding his “marriage ministry” to call it (Link): “XO Marriage“), was saying in a broadcast today that you cannot meet God’s destiny for your life without a spouse.

He did pause to say one time during this show – one time: “Unless God has called you to singleness, God can do…” then he trailed off.

But he immediately repeated two or three more times, “You cannot meet your destiny without your [or without “A”] spouse…” and, “God said it is not good for a person to be without a spouse…”

Tossing out the very brief, one line disclaimer about “God calling some people to singleness…” does not diminish the emphasis this speaker, Evans, kept putting on the idea that people need mates, romantic partners, to “meet their destiny” in life, as he repeated this line several times, as well as the bit from Genesis about “it is not good for a man to be alone.”

And when he quoted that bit from Genesis, he was framing it to mean marriage specifically, not just relationships in general, such as friendship.

It is like the marriage- obsessed preachers who assuage any guilt they have before giving a ten week marriage sermon series by saying at the start to their audience, “Hey, if you are single now, this marriage series can still benefit you.” See this post: (Link): The Obligatory, “Oh, but if you’re single you can still benefit from my marriage sermon” line

God does not call people to singleness. God lets each person decide if he or she wants to marry or remain single. The fact that I am 40ish and still single, despite wanting marriage, does not mean by fiat I am “gifted by God to be single.” That is a load of crap.

(Link): There is no such thing as a “Gift of Singleness” or “Gift of Celibacy”

God did not “call me to singleness,” so I find it deeply insulting for a Christian guy on a TV show to say that I cannot meet my destiny in life if I do not have a husband.

Most recent census data revealed that 44% of the AMerican population past age 18 is SINGLE, and this would include Baptist and evangelical Christians who are over age 30 who have NEVER MARRIED or had sex. Yet, these preachers keep lecturing everyone about marriage.

It’s about time preachers shut up about marriage and address the particular concerns singles face as singles, and that does NOT mean sermons about pre-marital sex being a ‘no no,’ or sermons about “how to attract a mate when you get one.”

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