The Activist Who Says Being Gay Is Not A Sin – double standards for homo singles vs hetero singles

The Activist Who Says Being Gay Is Not A Sin

(the following post contains some “adult” language)
I don’t particularly enjoy writing about homosexuality. I am a social conservative who does not agree with homosexuality, but it’s not one of my favorite topics to go after and opine on, as it often is for other so cons.

Homosexuality is not a topic I care about a lot in and of itself, but why I do address it from time to time on this blog is how it impacts, or interacts with, hetero celibacy, hetero virginity, and how older hetero singles are (mis)treated by Christian culture, and other, related issues pertaining to heteros.

I don’t think most Christians think “being gay is a sin,” but they do believe that sex outside of a one-man married to one-woman marriage is a sin, and that would include one man performing sexual acts on another man, or having sexual fantasies thereof.

I’m not sure why Savage, who is a frothing- at- the- mouth homosexual activist discussed in the article I have linked to below, is taking this route.

Why is Savage bothering with any sort of theological argument, claiming that the Bible does not condemn homosexuals or homosexuality, when homosexual activists are more than happy to be bullies and thugs, are more than happy to sue people into compliance or into silence, harassing them in ceasing criticism, or to get them harassed to the point they get fired from their jobs, or they have to close their businesses? (See for instance: (Link): Christian bakery closes after LGBT threats, protests)

These days, all the HMs (Homosexual Militants, which includes their Hetero supporters) has to do is start screaming, “You’re a bigot and homophobe” and that’s supposed to settle things.

The HMs are the bigots and bullies, not the heteros who don’t agree with homosexuality.

Dan Savage is an anti-Christian, anti-Republican, anti-conservative bigot and all around asshole. Dan Savage is to pro homosexual causes what Fred Phelps of Westboro is to anti homosexual causes.

Here is the article I am blogging about now, with further observations by me below this link:


If you’ve been to this blog before, you know my story: over age 40, hetero, never married, and a virgin (I’ve never had sex. I was waiting for marriage to have sex).

However, I’ve also pointed out I’m slowly leaving the Christian faith, and I no longer personally subscribe to being a virgin until marriage any more – but – I still see that the Bible condemns pre marital sex.

In other words, I’m not going to pull dishonest bullshit like the HMs, or anti-sexual purity emergents, and say, “Oh, the Bible does not forbid homosexual sex or hetero fornication!,” when I know damn well it does.

If you’re going to have sex outside of marriage (and I myself plan on doing so eventually), at least be honest enough to admit that the Bible does NOT have your back on this topic.

The Bible most certainly does condemn pre-marital sex, as well as homosexual sex.

Here are quotes from the article (with additional observations by me below this).


    Sep. 9, 2013 7:49am
    author: Billy Hallowell

    Christians who believe that being gay is a sin that violates biblical tenets now have some competition among their own ranks. As the debate over gay marriage continues to intensify at the local, state and national level, a new group has launched with the sole purpose of giving “LGBT-affirming Christians a means of proclaiming to the world” that there’s nothing sinful about being gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender.

    At the center of the NALT Christians Project (NALT stands for “Not All Like That”) is the claim that there’s nothing in the Bible that would contradict or condemn a homosexual lifestyle. The organization intends to reach young people, in particular, with its message urging for inclusion and a new view on biblical texts.

    Founded by John Shore, a blogger and Christian who resides in San Diego, Calif., NALT also has the support of gay rights advocates Dan Savage, Wayne Besen and Evan Hurst (the latter two work for “Truth Wins Out,” an organization that supports the LBGT community). It is Savage’s involvement, though, that is most noteworthy — and for a variety of reasons.

    First and foremost, there’s his complicated history with conservative Christians. Last year, while speaking to teens, he lambasted the Bible, using expletives in an incident that widely made headlines.

    And earlier this summer it was announced that the “It Gets Better” campaign founder will be speaking at the annual Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) convention, yet another surprise considering his involvement in the NALT Christians Project. Savage, who is apparently an agnostic, is putting his full weight behind the NALT project, which will certainly raise some eyebrows.

    In a video announcement supporting the new-found project, he said, that the initiative is meant to reach “Christians who support equal rights.” And he also noted that he’s the individual who coined the “Not All Like That” phrase after interacting with many Christians who said that they do not agree with the hateful tactics that some believers have used in dismissing the gay community.

Christians already believe homosexuals have “equal rights.”

What Christians disagree with is that SSA (Same Sex Attraction) is good, normal, biblical, and that it’s morally acceptable for unmarried people to engage in sexual acts. Christians also teach that about HETERO unmarried people (that it is not right for them to have sex outside of marriage), so there is no double standard in that regard.

However, please see this post at this blog:
(Link): Christian Double Standards on Celibacy – Hetero Singles Must Abstain from Sex but Not Homosexual Singles

Continuing quotes (Link): from the article:

    “If you’re a Christian who believe God cares no more about a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity than God cares about the color of a person’s hair or eyes make a Not All Like That video,” Savage said.

    “If you don’t take that step, if you don’t step up then your silence allows the Tony Perkins and the Pat Robertsons of this world to speak for you and to continue doing real harm not to just LBGT people, but also to Christianity itself.”

    Savage’s views naturally carry through to the group’s overarching aims and goal set. The main premise of the project is that Christians have badly handled the gay issue and that there’s actually no reason why believers shouldn’t be supporting homosexuals.

    In a letter published on the NALT website, Shore charged that many Christians have used the Bible and churches to “bully, malign and shame LGBT people,” also claiming that those believers who support gays and lesbians have not stood up to these attacks fervently enough. In the note, Shore also called for a “renewed Christianity” that doesn’t stand for bigotry and that focuses upon the love that Jesus Christ represented.

    NATL’s recent launch included 30 videos featuring Christians and others supporting gays and lesbians (watch of the clips here). The challenge, as Time notes, will be for Shore, Savage and others to figure out just how many Christians agree with the notion that gay marriage isn’t anti-biblical. The faith has long held, based on the holy book’s interpretation, that living a gay lifestyle is sinful.

Savage keeps making this out to be about a person’s “orientation,” where again, I think most Christian interpretation of the Bible condemns the sinful thought lives, or actions and behaviors.

It’s fine to be HETERO and a woman who is attracted to men, but according to Jesus, it’s not fine for that woman to then sit around having X-rated fantasies of doing the nasty with some man you have a crush on.

Same teaching applies to hetero males: they are not to look after women in lust.

Jesus says lusting after someone is the same thing, or just as bad as, adultery. In the same way, Jesus would not be cool with a man having X-rated fantasies of having sex with another man.

Many of the same sexual rules or ethical standards in the Bible apply equally to homosexuals as they do to hetero.

It’s not rocket science. There is no “get out of jail free, do anything you want to sexually” card regarding biblical sexual teaching.

There is no verse or passage in the Bible that says any sex at all, at any time, with anyone, is peachy and fine, so go to it and don’t feel bad or guilty about it.

There are limits placed on sexual activity in the Bible for every one.

At least I’m honest enough to admit that when I do start having pre- marital sex (and again, I am hetero), the Bible does not support me on it.

To see that same level of honesty from HMs would be refreshing, but they want the Bible to teach something it simply does not teach.

It’s funny to me that homosexual militants can’t just let people agree to disagree with them; they want, and pathetically need, whole-scale acceptance from every one and celebration -not just tolerance- but celebration of their sexuality, or sexual actions.

They want to force people to “like” homosexuality. You can’t force every one to like homosexuality any more than you can force every one to like cabbage, the color green, skinny ties, rocky road ice cream, or watching football.

It is also my opinion that homosexual militants, like some hetero sex-obsessed preachers (eg, Mark Driscoll) have turned sex into an idol. They seek after sex and sexual experiences, not the God of the Bible.

If Christians did a better job supporting hetero celibate adult singles (they do a piss poor job at this, and many churches treat adult singles like crap), treating singles better would have gone a long way in heading off a lot of problems now being created by homosexual militants.
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  1. Good points. I’m more concerned with you leaving the faith, though. I hope you’ll reconsider.

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