Catholic Group Warns College Is Not For Women: ‘She Will Not Learn To Be a Wife And Mother’ (article)

Catholic Group Warns College Is Not For Women: ‘She Will Not Learn To Be a Wife And Mother’

As much as I take Baptists, conservative evangelicals, Fundamentalists, and Protestants to task for ignoring singles and worshipping the nuclear family, it looks like the Roman Catholic Church is just as sexist and backwards.

Apparently, Roman Catholics have their own idiotic family-centric marketing or concern group, akin to that of the Protestant “Focus on the Family,” and theirs is called “Fix the Family.” 🙄
(Links to news stories about this group, or to their blog itself, appear father below on this page)

If we go by Fix the Family’s definition of “family,” which I would assume is the nauseating, narrow one of a guy and woman married with a kid, with almost half the American population SINGLE, there aren’t too many “traditional families” for them to fix.

Most singles cannot even marry to start with, and many of us who are traditional or Christian, want to marry before having a kid. We cannot even form a family.

Do these types of family obsessed groups care about this, are they doing anything to help single women who want to marry (such as me) land a husband and make families of our own? Nope, they sure do not. They only pant, whine, and complain about current families who are supposedly under attack.

I was raised by a very traditional Christian mother – and she married young and cranked out a few kids, including me. I was raised to be that way too and tried awfully hard to buy into the role. I did want to get married, and still do, but was ambivalent about having children.

I was a good little Christian girl growing up. I didn’t drink, smoke, cuss, cut classes, made good grades in school, was nice, sweet and loving… I was feminine and demure, and I remain a virgin at age 40-something.

My point in all this is to say that just because you teach a young woman to “be a wife and mother” as she is growing up is no guarantee she will be either one or both.

I still remain unmarried at my age – and I’ve never had sex, so quite obviously, I’ve never been a mother.

It is incredibly harmful to promote a message to women that their highest or only calling in life is to be a wife and mother, because some women will either have no desire to be either one, or due to reasons beyond their control, it will not happen for them.

Some women just never stumble across “Mr. Right,” so they don’t marry, while some women are infertile and are incapable of having babies. Churches need to remember things like that, because if they continue to define womanhood in so narrow terms, they are excluding and hurting and shaming any and all women who are unable to live up to either expectation.

Notice also how similar this RC (Roman Catholic) guy’s views are to Protestant Quiverfull and Christian Reconstructionists: they also believe that young women should not attend college. Which also sound a hella lot like Islamic Taliban.

(If your religious views or views of women and girls and what you think their roles should be in life sounds like those of the Taliban, hint: you are incorrect and a sexist swine.)

Further notice that the RC guy perpetuates stereotypes about men: that all young men are horny horn dogs who only think about sex constantly.

According to one source who provided a partial transcript of the Roman Catholic guy’s comments in a video about all this, the RC guy said,

    Men will allow for pretty much anything that women will. It’s a male weakness and a female power. Very few men can restrain themselves and control themselves with a woman, but most are going to respect a woman who’s going to respect herself.

So there you go: all men are rapists. Men have no self control. None. It’s up to women to stop men from acting on their natural impulse: to be rapey. Gotcha. 🙄

Hmm. I wonder. Do so many men keep running around saying crap like “all men are visual, women don’t like sex, women are responsible for dressing modestly, men can’t control themselves,” because these guys secretly want to rape, and when they do, they want to shift blame for their actions on to the woman?

Saying men cannot control themselves sexually etc and so on sounds like laying the groundwork for rape apologetics:
“Oh gee, I can’t help it if I fornicated or raped a gal, I’m a man, and I cannot control my sexual urges!”

(Link): Christian Website Says Not To Send Your Daughter To College: She Must ‘Learn To Be A Wife And Mother’

(Link): Catholic website says colleges aren’t for women: ‘Learn to be a wife and mother’


    A Catholic group has drawn nationwide scrutiny after they published an article on Sunday warning that higher education isn’t for women and listing several reasons for parents not send their daughters to college.

    The article, entitled “6 Reasons to NOT Send Your Daughter to College“ and published by Catholic group Fix the Family, advises parents not to send their daughters to a school of higher education for a number of reasons.

    “Nothing that is taught in a college curriculum is geared toward domestic homemaking,” reads the article. “On the contrary, it is training in a very masculine role of a professional career.”

    The article further warns parents that sending their daughters to college — even Catholic schools — will put them “in a near occasion of sin,” adding “she will attract the wrong types of men.”

    Raylan Alleman, the author of the post, also recorded a YouTube video last year also warning of the dangers of college.

    “Dads we could do all those things, right?” he asks. “Properly form our daughters and bring them up in the virtues and then we send them off to college by themselves at a very vulnerable age around a bunch of other young people of varying moral backgrounds — we know what the guys are after at that age — we need to stop and think. Is the loss of our daughter’s purity worth them getting a degree they are probably not going to use?”

    Since the publication of Alleman’s article on Sunday, thousands of individuals have left critical comments on Fix the Family’s website.

    “So, please, what is an 18yo girl to do then?” asked Michaela Tomas. “Bag groceries till a prince charming comes along to give a few kids?”

    “#1 Reason I’m currently sending my girls to college: So they can critically comprehend what they read and mentally flag BS like this article,” commented Mark Nikirk.

    “So…what I am supposed to do? Do I move back in with my parents and give up teaching at a lovely private school?” asked Mary Cupo. “Should I have stayed in middle of nowhere Mississippi and waited for the man God left for me there? Have I completely trashed God’s will for me because I went to a Catholic liberal arts school? Is this the reason I am not married yet and 25?”

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2 thoughts on “Catholic Group Warns College Is Not For Women: ‘She Will Not Learn To Be a Wife And Mother’ (article)”

  1. “Most singles cannot even marry to start with,…”

    Please elaborate on this. Why do you think this is? Its clear there is something broken in our society in this regard, but I’m not sure if I can articulate exactly what it is.

    1. @ james jordan.
      Some of the reasons singles are staying single and unable to marry even though they desire marriage are stated in many posts all over this blog.

      One reason: there are more single Christian females than there are males. For every single Christian male there are about three single Christian females.

      Also, Christian teaching on dating, sex, gender roles and marriage is also keeping singles single. (There are posts on this blog which discuss that issue as well.)

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