Married Preacher and Father of Five (Geronimo Aguilar) In Trouble Over Multiple Affairs and Sex with Kids

Married Preacher In Trouble Over Multiple Affairs and Sex with Kids

And meanwhile, churches and most Christians keep assuming they cannot trust never married adults (singles) to be sexually ethical. And Christians keep brainwashing kids, teens, and college students to believe if only they wait until marriage to have sex, the sex will be great – if that were true, I don’t think we’d be seeing married men screwing around so much, or into porn.

(Link): ROC Megachurch Addresses Extra-Marital Affairs of Former Pastor

    September 16, 2013|8:44 am

    Months after its founding pastor Geronimo Aguilar resigned amid charges of sexual assault, Virginia’s Richmond Outreach Center (ROC) megachurch has publicly acknowledged the former leader’s “multiple extramarital affairs with members of our church and community.”

    … Aguilar, affectionately known as “Pastor G,” was extradited in May to Texas where he is facing seven felony charges, including sexual assaulted of two sisters under age 14 in the 1990s in the Fort Worth area before he founded the ROC ministry. He could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted.

    Pastor G is married and the father of five children.

    “After our former pastor was arrested related to charges in Texas, the Board of Directors became aware of his multiple extramarital affairs with members of our church and community,” the Board said. “This Biblically disqualified him from the office of pastor and leadership of The ROC in any capacity.”

    After the sexual assault allegations surfaced, several women came forward and claimed they had sex with Pastor G. “He brought us alcohol, we got drunk and the rest is history,” said Amber Baker, according to 8News.

    “I had just turned 18. We had sex… It was wrong. Just because it is not illegal doesn’t mean it is not wrong and he was my pastor I moved to Richmond to serve God.” Baker has also claimed Pastor G had sex with other members of her family. “My mother, my aunt and myself have all been involved with him sexually.”

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