Why Do Christians Ask if Homosexuals Can Change Their Orientation – Why Not Explain that Celibacy is an Option?

Why Ask if Homosexuals Can Change Their Orientation – Why Not Explain that Celibacy is an Option?

I was visiting a Christian news site and saw a link to this video (which I have not watched, so I don’t know what the guy is saying, or if the video is any good or not):
(Link): 214. Can Homosexuals Change Their Sexual Preference?

I’m just looking at the web page title, ‘Can homosexuals change their sexual preference,’ and thinking about that.

Christians might want to consider abandoning the strategy of telling homosexuals they can change their orientation to explaining that lifelong celibacy is indeed “do-able” and achievable, and that homosexuals should consider it. Celibacy is required of (un-married) hetero- sexuals.

But no, many Christians have a misunderstanding of what celibacy and singleness is (see this post: (Link): Gift of Singleness Gift of Celibacy Unbiblical – Those Terms and Teachings Contribute to Fornication / Editorial About Sex Surrogates ).

Singleness and/or celibacy is not thought of by Christians as being an option everyone can achieve, only the small few.

Your average hetero, unmarried Christian looks at typical Christian teaching that uses the terms and phrases ‘Gift of Celibacy’ (or ‘Gift of Singleness’) and the phrase and teaching ‘called to celibacy’ and thinks,

    “Well, hmm, I still get randy at times, I still want to have sex, so I must not have the “gift of celibacy’ nor was I called to celibacy. There is no way I can forgo sex for over X number of months. I might as well give in and have sex.”

I would imagine a homosexual would have the same views after being exposed to about 99% of Christian teaching on sex and relationships.

This is one reason why Christians need to ditch the terms GOS/GOC (‘Gift of Singleness’ / ‘Gift of Celibacy’) and their incorrect teachings and understandings of both concepts.

Yes, remaining a virgin into your 40s and beyond is achievable by anyone and everyone, and does not require “special grace” or “calling” or “gifting” from God. It only takes self control, a conscious choice to abstain, and will power.

a 40 something, never married hetero virgin who has had opportunity to have sex, and who has normal sexual desire, but who chose to remain chaste
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