Married Man Having Affair With Married Woman

Married Man Having Affair with Married Woman

Married Christians often think of and depict Un-married Christian women as harlots who sleep around a lot and who prey on married men, which is just not true.

Meanwhile, married Christians keep overlooking the fact that most often, it is married people who have affairs with other married people.

Yes, it is married people who initiate affairs, and sometimes with other married people, as in this example to an online advice columnist:

    Dear Carolyn:

    My husband of 28 years is (reluctantly) moving home to his widowed mom’s house. I found out he’s been having an affair for 21 / 2 years with a married woman we’ve both known for 35 years. Our adult-age kids still live at home and can’t wait for him to leave, as they have other festering resentments against him.

    I don’t know how I feel about him anymore. He doesn’t want to leave and has sobbed heartfelt apologies to me, but says it’s really none of the kids’ business and they shouldn’t influence my feelings.

    On the flip side, he admitted to me and the kids, when we were all arguing, that he’d still be having the affair if he hadn’t been caught, since she fills a need in him that I never have.

    My son told him to get the *!*# out of the house. He left for a few hours and has kept a low profile since. He says he’ll be gone this weekend but hopes we’ll get back together as he truly loves me.

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