Inconsistency on Feminist Site – Choices Have Consequences

Inconsistency on Feminist Site – Choices Have Consequences

I’ve written of this in an older post about secular feminist sites.

Many feminist sites eschew the concept of “slut shaming,” a concept which I’m actually fine with, depending on when and how it is used. Sometimes men act like sluts, and I don’t support men doing it, so why would I support women doing it?

As I noted earlier, secular feminists are wanting their cake and to eat it too.

They want to be able to make any and all sexual choices they want to, they believe their sexual choices are nobody’s business, yet, many of them want the American tax payer to fund their birth control and abortions, and, they don’t believe anyone has the right to judge their choices, hold them accountable, or to point out that every choice one makes has a consequence.

So imagine my surprise when I visited “anti slut shaming” site Jezebel and saw these stories sitting right on top of one another:

Inconsistency: A site that doesn't support the idea of the consequences of loose sexual ethics mocks a woman for not realizing her choices have consequences
Inconsistency: A feminist site that doesn’t support the idea that there exists consequences of loose sexual ethics mocks a woman for not realizing her choices have legal consequences

Here are the links to the stories shown in the screen capture:

    • (Link):

Teresa Giudice Can’t Believe Her Bad Decisions Have Legal Consequences

    (hosted on pro secular feminist site “Jezebel”)

(Link): Who’s Really to Blame for the Looming Government Shutdown? Sluts. (hosted on pro secular feminist site “Jezebel”)

These sorts of sites do not like “slut shaming,” which is, as I understand it, thinking less of a woman who engages in extra-martial sex, or being critical of fornication.

For the record, I believe the Bible condemns not only the practice of females who dabble in extra-marital sex, but the male practice of it as well.

I don’t know why these secular feminists want to parade their sexual choices out and about in public but then get huffy if or when people make judgments about that very behavior or those choices.

I’m sort of live and let live, the older I get.

I suppose if you are a man or woman who wants to be a slut, that is your business, but what I find annoying about militant anythings (militant feminists, homosexuals, atheists), is that they don’t stop at just asking you to tolerate them, but they expect, no they DEMAND, that people celebrate, rejoice, or fully agree with them across the board.

There is no room for any amount of disagreement. You cannot just agree to disagree.

I rarely see secular or emergent/liberal Christian feminists support the female choice to remain a virgin until marriage, although some females have freely made this choice.

The choice to remain a virgin is often mocked by these types of feminist women, or they assume you were forced into it by your patriarchal family or church, when such is not the case for all females.

Feminists expect me to respect their sleeping around and to consider it “empowering,” but regularly mock my free choice to refrain from sex. (In all my years of reading feminist writing online, I’ve only so far seen two feminists who say they respect the choice of women who want to stay virgins.)

The rest of secular feminists sort of behave as though you are stunted or not fully a woman unless you have slept around, and have done it a lot, or viewed porn. Oh, and you cannot just view the porn, the feminist criteria is that you have to enjoy it and masturbate to it as well.

And you can’t just sleep around, according to these feminists, you have to sleep around a lot and enjoy it and feel no guilt, shame, or remorse for it.

Secular feminists at times create just as many hoops they expect women to jump through as the conservatives they rail against. They too seek to define womanhood and sexual rules for all women and they then complain about women who don’t comply or agree with those definitions or rules.

Notice how often secular feminists (and sites with a feminist ethos, such as “Jezebel”), who are largely comprised of left wingers / liberals, regularly mock or completely disrespect women who are pro life, who are Republican, who are stay at home mothers, who are conservative.

They do not support all women, they only support liberal women. I wish secular feminists would be more honest. If you say you support women, please be honest about what you REALLY mean, and what you really mean is: You only support liberal, non religious women and persecute conservative, religious ones.

Anyway, yes, choices have consequences, and that includes sexual and relationship choices. If you are a woman who has sex, you just might get a sexually transmitted disease, or you might become pregnant.

I don’t always see negative consequences to fornication, such as coming down with an S.T.D., but they do remain a possibility.
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One thought on “Inconsistency on Feminist Site – Choices Have Consequences”

  1. Hey this is a good post. I have been looking at feminist material lately and notice that it is less about earning the same salaries or being respected in society but about screwing around with lots of men and women without anyone saying anything. These same women who claim to be feminist would not raise a finger for troubled women overseas still under patriarchal system that makes them endure things such as the cutting of the clitoris. It is certainly strange because women have always been man sex slaves anyways, which makes me think that modern feminism is driven by men behind the curtain parading as women’s friends to keep the sexual slavery going now called freedom.I’m starting to believe the original feminism was started by women for women, but the modern leftover was overtaken by men to keep the control going. I recommend the book : A brief history of misogyny by Jack Holland. Since Hellenic times, women were only considered for their sex appeal, to reproduce to create new warrior for the polis and descendants of the man property, this is where dowries originated and until 1923 it didn’t change much. Now women just give themselves easier than before,freedom can be used for stupidity, not even waiting for a half assed relationship and makes me think, hell I think we are worse than before. Feminists make believe their choices should not have extreme consequences on the rest of society but one in four people have an STD. People I have counseled in the past have major sexual problems and diseases as young as 14 years old. They preached about free love and got the free lack of commitment, the free sexual disease, free single motherhood and free to be nothing for men, screwing it up for us that want a decent relationship but can’t find any as men have been already conditioned they have to do absolutely nothing to be with us in an intimidate level? This angers me. I’m not making up, it’s reality out there and I am a 25 year old virgin as well who kinda gave up on men.

    We are biologically and psychologically different, this is not something to fight about but to accept it. We are not sexually liberated for giving our bodies like candy to some stranger just because men can do it too, both genders are paying for irresponsible behavior. I have a love hate relationship with feminism as a consequence!

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