Married Stepfather Arrested for Incest with Stepdaughter

Married Stepfather Arrested for Incest with Stepdaughter

Another example highlighting that marriage and fatherhood does not automatically make a person more godly or mature than an unmarried or childless person, in regards to the usual teaching Christians present the world about marriage and having children:

(Link): State law permits Nicholas County incest charges, sheriff says

    County authorities charged a Mount Nebo man and his stepdaughter with incest – even though the pair aren’t related by blood, and are both above the legal age of consent.

    County authorities cited the inclusive definition of “daughter” in state law.

    Nicholas County Sheriff David Hopkins said it doesn’t matter that Kelcey Nicholas, 28, and his 21-year-old stepdaughter, Lataura Jarrett, are not biologically related. Nicholas married Jarrett’s mother five years ago, and Jarrett had referred to him as her father, the sheriff said.

    Sgt. W.K. Shafer and State Police Cpl. D.P. White went to Nicholas’ home on Haynes Mill Road in Mount Nebo to arrest him for a home confinement violation on Sept. 19, Hopkins said.

    That’s when police officers discovered Nicholas and Jarrett having intercourse, the sheriff said.

    Before charging the pair, Shafer researched state law regarding incest and consulted Nicholas County Prosecuting Attorney James “P.K.” Milam, Hopkins said. They all agreed that Nicholas and Jarrett should be arrested because of the law’s definition of a daughter.

    According to state law, a daughter is the natural daughter of a person’s husband or wife — and Nicholas is still married to Jarrett’s mother, Hopkins said. Jarrett was about 16 when her mother married Nicholas, he said.

    “If you look real close at the code side, and Sgt. Shafer is a real stickler for the details,” Hopkins said, “you can look and see it does include stepdaughters.”