Real Every Day, Average Men Ain’t All That Attractive – and yes, male looks matter to Christian women / Ageism and Desirablity

Real Men Ain’t All That Attractive – and yes, male looks matter to Christian women

I love how sexist pig men, including Christian ones, assume that lookism (and even ageism) is one-sided.

That is, men believe it’s okay or normal for men to choose or reject women based on that woman’s age or looks alone, or they assume that a woman’s looks fade as soon as she hits 35, or 40, which is not the case.

What many of them continue to overlook is that a lot of women also engage in lookism (and ageism) against men.

By the way, age 40 women do NOT want to date “older men,” yet I see women ages 25 and up, but in particular the 40 somethings, often complaining on sites how only dudes age 60 and older contact them on dating sites.

Same thing has happened to me, though I also get contacted by 20s, 30s aged males on dating sites.

Hell, even when I was mid 30s, I still had old, white haired grandpas hitting on me on dating sites, and it’s gross.

Women do not want to date older men. There might be a few who do, if the woman in question is an air-headed 23 year old who is a gold digger, or the 50+ year old male in question is movie actor Johnny Depp, but as to the rest of the female gender: no, just no, we don’t want to date older guys.

I have no idea why older men assume women ten, fifteen, twenty years their junior would even consider it. Most of us find the romantic attention of a much older guy ICKY. Not a turn on, but ICKY and GROSS.

I’ve been meaning on doing a related post or two on these subjects for some time now. Here’s the first one. I don’t know when I will be cranking out part 2.

The sexist doofus(*) at another site commented to me that in my 40s, that my looks have lost their allure (I forget the exact nauseating, odd phrase he used, but something like, “the flower is off the youth of your looks”), so I can no longer depend on my looks to get a man, he said.

As I told him, I never depended on my looks to start with.

He has no idea what I look like, by the way, but just assumes I must resemble an old crone (I do not).

(*The doofus to which I refer:
Frank Swift / Geek in the Wilderness post (‘How churches today abandoned the Christian single’))

He’s not the only male who feels this way. I’ve seen other ones like him before.

The larger point I’d like to make, though, is that Hollywood and Madison Avenue keep portraying women over age 35 as being unattractive or sexless, and your idiot Christian “Average Joes” have bought into this thinking.

Males generally get a pass in American culture for having slobby looks, for looking old, or being fat, and are not considered un-sexy, ugly, haggard, undesirable, or old-looking until they get to their 50s, or a few, such as movie star Sean Connery, escape this ageism until their 60s or 70s.

I am now in my early 40s. I don’t look too different now than I did in my early or mid 30s. I don’t have wrinkles or grey hair, and I jog several times a week. I am not fat.

Yet, weenies like the guy on the other site – Swift – seem to assume once a woman hits 40, that she automatically morphs into a stereotypical, grey- hair- in- a- bun, wrinkled 95- year- old grandma. (Think “Granny” on “The Beverly Hillbillies” show.).

However, that is not what 40 looks like.

Even secular people pick up on these things – some of them do pick apart male appearance and note that most guys are not as hot and attractive as they think they are, and some of them are catching on that looks do matter to women.

Some women, such as me, put more value on a man’s looks than how much money he makes.

I’ve always cared more about ‘the Cute’ than ‘the Bank Account’ or the sort of car the guy drives.

Guys like the sexist Swift assumes he can be chubby, fat, wrinkled, flabby and bald, and yet still attract an attractive woman, if only he has a steady job – and this assumption is flat wrong.

Someone put photos of average guys in underwear beside photos of famous male athletes and movies stars in underwear:

(Link): Real Men Underwear Ads

Here are a couple examples from that page – the regular guys are on the left, the male models / professional soccer players are on the right – the regular Joes are NO WHERE NEAR AS sexy, hot, and attractive as the guys on the right:

Rergular Guy Compared to Male Model
Rergular Guy Compared to Male Model
Rergular Guy Compared to Male Model
Regular Guy Compared to Male Model

Men You’re Less Attractive Than You Think (video)

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2 thoughts on “Real Every Day, Average Men Ain’t All That Attractive – and yes, male looks matter to Christian women / Ageism and Desirablity”

  1. Believe it or not, if I told anyone this they would blame me for being too picky : A huge reason why I’m still single at 34 is that I cannot for the life of me find the average man attractive enough to want to even go on a casual date with him. Yes, it is shallow. And don’t get me wrong, I DO want a man with a good personality, heart, etc. but if they don’t have the looks to GO with it then nothing about that man is going to turn me on.

    I am no prize myself. Unfortunately I am fat, but my weight undergoes significant fluctuations. I wish I could lose some weight at this stage in my life and I hope I do.

    1. I wish you success in your attempts to lose weight 🙂

      The older I get I find it harder to keep it off or lose it, but I do jog every week.

      I’m kind of picky about looks, too. I get tired of Christians saying that only men are “visually oriented” when I am a woman, and I am very much “visually oriented.”

      I don’t expect every guy to be a male model in the looks department, but I do care about looks.

      I’m tired of Christians assuming that women don’t care about a man’s looks, they think we only care about emotional support, romance, or the guy’s spirituality.

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