Wife Writes to Ask Amy About Her Sexless Marriage October 2013

Wife Writes to Ask Amy About Her Sexless Marriage October 7, 2013

Notice that
1. getting married is not a guarantee of regular and/or hot sex and that
2. the WIFE in this marriage wants sex and the husband does not (Christians often portray married women as being uninterested in sex, but husbands are depicted as constantly being randy).

    DEAR AMY: I love my husband of 20 years. He’s a good man. He is intelligent, well-read, a good husband (for the most part) and a good father.

    I know for certain my husband isn’t gay, but for the better part of our marriage, we’ve not had sex on a regular basis. This pattern began within the first two years of our marriage (until then we were totally hot for each other).

    I don’t know why he has experienced this early loss of libido; I know I am still eager to have a sexual relationship with him. Though we’re both older than when we first got together, I am still attractive and so is he.

    I’ve been living without sex for many years and have never been unfaithful.

    I see myself as an ethical person. I don’t want to end my marriage, but self-gratification isn’t the same as a one-on-one sexual relationship. Over these many years, we’ve discussed this problem but nothing has changed, so would it be unethical for me to seek sexual gratification elsewhere?

    — Wondering (but not Wandering) Wife

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