Priest Daniel McFalls Fathers a Baby – Speaks Out Against Celibacy

Priest Daniel McFalls Fathers a Baby – Speaks Out Against Celibacy

So, because you couldn’t keep your penis in your pants makes you assume other men cannot, or should not, be held to that standard (which is a biblical standard, by the way)?

Look, I don’t agree with many Roman Catholic teachings, including that clergy must remain single and celibate, but I am oh so tired of people who can’t keep their pants zipped assuming all other believers (or even Non Believers) are just as sloppy and un-disciplined as they are.

Just because you cannot go without sex for five minutes doesn’t mean the rest of us are like that.

I don’t agree with the RCC’s rule on no marriage for priests, but dudes take the assignment knowing up front they are expected to remain single and celibate, so if this priest guy wants to diddle women, he needs to step down from his job. (I just now saw one article says he quit his priest job.)

Dude was not even married to the woman in the story he slept with, is my understanding. He had pre-marital sex. He fornicated.

(Link): ‘Flirty’ Catholic priest says clergy should be allowed to marry as a parishioner gives birth to his son

    -Father Daniel McFalls made the announcement in a letter
    -The mother is a ‘descreet’ member of his parish
    -Will remain a priest unless he volunteers to have powers removed


    PUBLISHED: 21:09 EST, 30 September 2013
    | UPDATED: 05:50 EST, 1 October 2013

    The Catholic priest who quit after getting a woman pregnant has revealed that the mother of his child was a member of his congregation and he now thinks that the Church should allow priests to marry.

    Father Daniel McFalls left his post at St Mary’s in Stockton, California after making the shocking announcement to his parish that he was going to be a first-time father.
    The baby- a boy, named Daniel Gabriel- has since been born and the former priest is speaking out about how he feels the Church needs to change with the times.

    ‘It’s sad I had to choose between caring for this child and all the people I care for at our church. It’s sad I was put in that position,’ he told The New York Daily News.

    ‘I know I’m not worthy to be speaking publicly about this because I’m a sinner, but I hope this might help the Catholic Church to look more deeply at the possibility of finding some way to open the door to a married priesthood.’

    One of those parishioners who was particularly close to his heart was the mother of his newborn child.

    He has not revealed her name, but said that she is a ‘discreet’ member of his church.

    ‘When that little baby was born at 5.22am, it was the happiest moment of my life, along with my ordination,’ he told the news site.

    …The news about the impending childbirth came from a letter sent to the church and read to his congregation.

    McFalls said: ‘A child will soon be born, and I am the baby’s father. I know this comes as a shock to you, and to many a disappointment.

    ‘I assume full responsibility for my actions and will do all that I can so that my child receives the care and love that he deserves.

    …McFalls’ was given an indefinite leave of absence by Bishop Stephen E. Blaire, head of the Diocese of Stockton, and will now have to decide if he wants to remain a priest.

    One member of his congregations has said she is glad he is gone, calling him ‘flirty.’

    Diana Garcia, who has attended the church for 15 years, told Fox News: ‘He’s gone after girls before and he’s gone after my daughters.’

    ‘He’s just lustful, he didn’t say he was in love or marry the girl, no.

    ‘It’s not about being a sinner, it’s about playing with God, he made a vow, this is a priest we’re talking about.’

(Link): Catholic priest quits after getting woman pregnant

(Link): ‘Flirty’ Catholic priest, 58, who stunned parishioners last week for admitting to making a woman pregnant has welcomed a son to the world

(Link): Catholic priest will remain part of clergy despite arrival of his child (VIDEO)
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