Lousy Marriages (and Lousy Boyfriends) – Guy Marries Lesbian, Other Guy Fakes Kidnapping To Get Away from Wife etc

Lousy Marriages – Guy Marries Lesbian, Other Guy Fakes Kidnapping To Get Away from Wife etc

There are times when I am glad I am single.

There are some marriages (or dating relationships) so awful, so shitty, people want divorce badly, or they fake being kidnapped to avoid their spouse.

Christians as well as secular culture need to stop over-selling and romanticizing marriage (and other romantic relationships), as they often do.

Sometimes marriage (or a boyfriend) sucks.

Sometimes the person you marry (or are dating) does not or cannot meet all or even most of your needs.

Sometimes the person you marry is emotionally or physically abusive, or has multiple affairs. Some women later find out that their husband is a pedophile.

Here are some examples:

(Link): My wife left me for a woman — could I please have my divorce now?

    I’ve been through hell for two and a half years, and I’d really like this marriage to be officially over!

    Dear Cary:

    My wife left me almost two and a half years ago for a woman. After having worked through everything involving the infidelity, the gay issue, custody of our then 1-1/2-year-old daughter (although I’m not sure I’ll ever be OK with that), etc., I’m ready to move on with my life.

    We decided to go to a mediator, as neither of us was financially able to hire lawyers to take care of the divorce. The first year of mediation was rocky, as I felt I was getting the short end of the stick, and I was fighting for custody of my daughter. Time has cooled things out, and we are what you might call “amicable,” although I don’t really believe that’s how things are.

    I think that I’ve become amicable and she’s become vindictive and controlling. My (still) wife presents a veneer of kindness and responsibility (she’s an ESL teacher and “wonderful” mother).

    However, she for some reason cannot let go. I’ve taken care of all the paperwork, even redoing all of it when both of us moved to different counties.

    I’ve initiated meetings to go over the final divorce agreement, I’ve set useless deadlines that have come and gone. It’s two and a half years later and I’m still married to this woman.

    She had an affair with a friend of her younger brother’s, and she quickly moved in with her after I asked her to leave our house.

    They’re still together and seemingly happy.

    I had predicted it would last only a few months, but everything seems great, and my daughter loves my wife’s girlfriend and girlfriend’s family.

    I’ve met the woman I should have met 10 years ago, and we bought a house together, closer to my daughter.

    My girlfriend moved from another state to be with me and sacrificed her career so that I wouldn’t have to leave my daughter. We intend to have children and get married; however, this never-ending divorce is holding us back.

    I used to think it was funny. Now I wake up every day infuriated. I drift further and further away from my daughter every day (I’m only “allowed” to see her twice a week, and those visits are tenuous at best). Keep in mind, I was rolling along, assuming that life was all set.

    I was married, owned a house in a suburb, and had a wonderful daughter. My wife and I had even talked about a second child two weeks before she left.

    We were the best man and maid of honor in her brother’s wedding one week before she left.

    Obviously, she has some far deeper issues to deal with that she was never willing to address with me. Sexual abuse, abusive father masquerading as a caring, loving family man. That’s not my problem anymore.

(Link): Man Fakes Violent Kidnapping for Some Guilt-Free Time Away from Wife

    Rogelio Andaverde of Edinburg, Texas, was home alone with his wife Tuesday night when two masked men forced their way in and abducted him at gunpoint.

    Terrified, Maria Hernandez phoned the local sheriff’s department to report the kidnapping.

    The Hildalgo County Sheriff’s Office soon launched a large manhunt for Andaverde’s abductors that involved a dozen deputies and a Department of Public Safety helicopter.

    Several hours into the search, Sheriff Guadalupe Treviño had no choice but to call his men back after all their leads went cold.

    Then, on Thursday morning, Andaverde suddenly returned home claiming that his captors had decided to show mercy and let him go.

    But investigators weren’t buying it, and after some prodding, Andaverde eventually coughed up the truth: He staged the kidnapping so he could “spend time with his friends and party.”

(Link): Man in Mexico made his girlfriend wear a chastity lock on her pants

    Posted on: 6:23 pm, October 9, 2013,
    by Doris Taylor

    Police say a woman told them her boyfriend put a padlock on her pants so she wouldn’t be unfaithful to him. Police say she couldn’t take it anymore.

    The 25-year-old woman, in excruciating pain after being unable to go to the restroom for several hours, went to police.

    A padlock prevented her from taking off her blue jeans.

    Authorities say the woman lives in an impoverished, rural community in the Mexican gulf state of Veracruz.

    Police say the woman told them her lover had done this for years and that she was too afraid of him to grab some scissors and cut the jeans.

    Police arrested her 40-year-old boyfriend.

    The police commander told CNN the man produced a key and admitted locking her up.

    To the surprise of authorities, the woman refused to press charges once the man was detained. The suspect was still taken into custody on a misdemeanor charge, but released a few hours later.

    The following day, the suspect signed a statement promising to never again use a padlock against his girlfriend or abuse her in any other way.

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