Utah: Homosexuals Shouldn’t Be Able to Marry Because They “Cannot Procreate”

Utah: Homosexuals Shouldn’t Be Able to Marry Because They “Cannot Procreate”

I do not support homosexuality, so by extension, I do not support homosexual marriage, but, I do not believe I fully agree with the argument by Christians, social conservatives, Republicans and religious people (eg, Mormons and other groups) that such marriages should be disallowed because homosexuals do not procreate with one another.

The fact of the matter is that some hetero-sexual couples due not pro-create either, whether by choice (use of birth control or surgical sterilization) or due to medical problems (ie, infertility).

The New Testament, in a comment by Apostle Paul, says it is better for a person not to marry.

Marriage is taught in the New Testament to be a life choice, left up to each person; it is not a commandment of God.

By extension, because children come after marriage in Christian sexual ethics, having children is also a choice, not a commandment.

The comment from Genesis about being fruitful and multiplying therefore no longer is applicable under the New Covenant.

Christ’s kingdom is to be grown by teaching pagans about the Gospel, and not by Christians having babies.

And, by the way, a baby is not made Christian by virtue of being born to Christian parents.

The Bible teaches (and I’m sorry if Chris Rosebrough of the Fighting for the Faith show disagrees) that one’s decision is at play: you, as an individual, have to make a decision for or against Christ.

God does not adopt you into His family on the basis that your mom and dad are Christians.

A sinner being reconciled with God via Christ is a choice that sinner has to make for him- or her- self; your parents cannot make that decision for you.

Anyway, since there are Christian couples who choose not to have children, or cannot have children – and at my age, if I do get married, I will be reaching menopause in several years and will thus be UNABLE physically to have a child – it cannot be argued that the only or main basis of hetero marriage is procreation.

There is more to marriage than making a baby, since not all can have a baby (and are not commanded to have any), and the Bible does not condemn such marriages.

(Link) Utah: Gays Shouldn’t Be Able to Marry Because They “Cannot Procreate”

Christians and social conservatives need to find another basis upon which to refute homosexual marriage, other than the procreation angle, because not all hetero couples procreate, and there’s nothing wrong with hetero couples not having children.

Excerpt from page (“Utah: Gays Shouldn’t Be Able to Marry Because They “Cannot Procreate””):

    Utah has a perfectly good explanation for why it won’t allow same-sex marriage: Gay couples can’t make babies.

    The Associated Press reports that the “procreation argument” is the state’s main defense in a lawsuit against its laws against gay marriage. In a motion filed last week, three same-sex couples argued that the law in question—an amendment to the state constitution filed in 2004—is unconstitutional, discriminatory and violates gay people’s “fundamental right” to choose a spouse. But Utah won’t take such a reasonable argument lying down.

    “Same-sex couples, who cannot procreate, do not promote the state’s interests in responsible procreation (regardless of whether they harm it),” the state argues in its own motion. No mention is made of opposite-sex couples who are infertile, choose not to have children or for some other reason do not procreate. Procreation is fundamental to the “age-old and still predominant” definition of marriage, says the state that claims to be the most “child-centric” in the union.

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