Men Also Worried About Being Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking (article)

Men Also Worried About Being Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking

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Now, I know if you are a conservative Christian man, you think your looks don’t matter to women, not only because secular culture tends to let men off the hook in the physical appearance department, but because you never, ever heard your male preacher tell the males in the audience to get off their flabby asses and work out at the gym to look physically attractive.

Oh no, my friend, the male preachers reserve that kind of commentary in their sermons, pamphlets, radio shows, and blogs for single female women, and sometimes for the married women.

Then you hear your preacher tell you during marital sermons that all women care about is emotional intimacy and cooking recipes in crock pots and other girly pursuits.

Women – at least the married ones – you are told, in many a sermon or books and blogs about dating and marriage by Christians, are depicted as being completely uninterested in sex or in what a man looks like.

You may also hear your pastor man tell the wimmin folk to look for a “godly” man to marry, one who will be a ‘spiritual leader’ in the home and in marriage.

So, you think, as long as you are a pious guy, carry a Bible around, love Jesus, that it’s fine and dandy if you are going bald, and you assume you can continue eating Doritos, pizza, and deep fried foods day in and day out, until you become overweight, because you will still attract a 5 foot five inch tall, big breasted, small waisted, 120 pound Megan Fox movie star look-alike.

She will, you assume, based on all the Christian sermons you’ve ever heard on gender and marriage, overlook the disgusting, flabby, limp arms, the big beer gut, the ghastly pale chicken legs, and fall head over heels in lust and love with you.

No, no my Christian male pal, she will not.

Put down the beer, the fried chicken, and go to the gym, and go there regularly. Go to the dentist and get some work done if your teeth are gross.

Get some Rogaine. Maybe visit a tanning booth once in awhile.

Women are not attracted to uglies or fatties any more than men are.

I am a single woman, and yes, I am comparing you to the likes of buff, built, full- head- of- hair Hugh Jackman (as he looks now, in photos like (Link): this one, or try this link). Oh yes I am.

Here is another article about male physical appearance.

(Link): Men Also Worried About Being Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking

    According to a survey of 1502 men by British menswear company Jacamo, twenty percent of men are anxious they’ll feel fat in a bathing suit, and one fifth of men go on a diet before vacation. Men, they really are just like us! Unfortunately!

    Naturally, the survey found that slightly older men were more comfortable with their bodies — those 55 and over were the most comfortable (forty-four percent vs. twenty-eight percent of 16- to 24-year-olds). If you have ever had a father who believes that a speedo is appropriate pool party wear, those numbers feel very possible.

    Obviously, men feeling bad about exposing flesh is crap, because every body is a beach body, and it sucks for anyone to feel insecure about it. Wear whatever you want whenever you want and then shake nature’s bounty all over this great planet of ours. Done and done.

(Link): Do men now worry more than women about feeling fat on the beach? 20 per cent feel self-conscious about their body on holiday

  • 10% of men spend more getting ‘beach ready’ than on actual holiday

    20% spend £300 on training and treatments; average man spend £112

    Preparations often start two months before jetting off
    14% of men more body-conscious than their partners

    PUBLISHED: 06:51 EST, 7 October 2013 | UPDATED: 06:51 EST, 7 October 2013

    It’s not just the girls who feel self-conscious about stripping down to their bikinis on holiday, worried about flabby bits, wobbly bits and crinkly bits: men feel nervous about baring all in front of the beach-bound public, too.

    In fact, 20 per cent of the boys are anxious about feeling fat in their trunks, and one in 10 are nervous about baring (nearly) everything in public.

    As a result, men are spending more money and time than ever getting ‘beach-ready’ before they jet off; one in 10 are spending more on pre-break treatments and training than on their actual holiday.

    And nine per cent even admit having cancelled or simply avoiding holidays because of concerns about the way they look.

    The average man is spending out £112 on training and treatments, according to the survey by menswear retailer, Jacamo, with 12 per cent spending £300 and starting preparations two months before they jet off.

    And 14 per cent – more than one in eight – now spend longer on getting their body ready for the beach than their female partner.

    One fifth of men surveyed put themselves on a strict pre-holiday diet, and one in 20 even pop into their local tanning shop to ensure they have a bit of pre-break base colour. More common is getting a trim: 60 per cent visit the barbers before turning on their out-of-office.

    Choosing the right wardrobe is another essential. One in ten men asked said they had spent more than £200 on holiday clothes, with most men splashing out £108 on new gear.

    Quizzed about the reasons behind the new trend for beach body planning and spending, men say they are just as self-conscious as women when it comes to baring all, and many feel nervous about stripping down even if they have been working out.

    More than half of men who took part said they spent time training and having treatments to make sure they could be confident on the beach and enjoy their trip, while a quarter were planning ahead to avoid embarrassing their partner.
    And despite usually having the best figures, it seems that the younger generation are actually the most insecure.

    The survey of 1502 men found those aged 55 and over were the most comfortable with their beach body (44 per cent were happy in swimwear), compared to just 28 per cent of 16- to 24-year-olds.

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