Pat Robertson raises the old canard about females dressing modestly and males supposedly being visually oriented

Pat Robertson raises the old canard about females dressing modestly and males supposedly being visually oriented

Here we go again. Some person (a woman I think) asked Robertson on his 700 Club show (episode October 16, 2013), if it’s “wrong’ for a woman to wear “skimpy” clothing.

You can watch/ listen to Pat Robertson answer the viewer’s question here: (Link): Bring It On video

The Bible does not, IIRC, say that women are to dress modestly – the word “modest” is in context of their behavior, not their appearance (or, it is saying, do NOT flaunt your wealth – it is not discussing sex appeal) – but Robertson claims the Bible tells women to “dress modestly,” as in, hide your sex appeal.

Robertson also claims that a woman can cause a man to stumble in to sin because males are visually oriented.

Oh, Pat, hetero women are also “visually oriented.” Tell Tim Tebow to stop walking around shirtless at the beach, like this:

(Link): Tim Tebow is hanging out in Hawaii (shirtless photos of Tebow)

(Link): Shirtless Tim Tebow seems carefree as he enjoys the Hawaii surf with sister while the search for a new NFL team continues

Regarding the Tebow in Hawaii photos: Christian Pundit here likes what she sees! Woo hoo, half-naked, in-shape male! You go, Tim Tebow!

But maybe put a shirt on next time at the beach so you don’t cause your Christian sisters, who are visually oriented, to stumble.

BTW, while we single women are VISUALLY ORIENTED, not all of us are harlots who are sleeping around, or who would cheat with a married man. We can look at a guy and think, “Mmm, he is sexy hot baby wooooo!” -but it stops there.

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