Tim Challies Christian Blogger Who Proclaimed That All Fornicators Are Virgins Is Now Telling People Not to Look In Lust – WTF?

Tim Challies Christian Blogger Who Proclaimed That All Fornicators Are Virgins Is Now Telling People Not to Look In Lust – WTF?

Hmm. In an older post on his blog, which was replicated at The Christian Post, Tim Challies proclaimed that Jesus is just fine with fornication! Challies proclaimed all fornicators are virgins (which renders the word “virgin,” and the lifestyle and concept thereof, and the Bible’s talk about fornicators being thrown into the Lake of Fire, meaningless).

Yes, he did, see my previous post, here:
(Link): Anti Virginity Editorial by Christian Blogger Tim Challies – Do Hurt / Shame Feelings or Sexual Abuse Mean Christians Should Cease Supporting Virginity or Teaching About Sexual Purity

Below you will find: link to the Challies post where he urges people not to look at other people in lust, then goes off on some odd tangent about people’s expectations about church, and how your criticism of church amounts to adultery (I take it he means spiritual adultery of some sort), or what not.

Aside from the contradiction – saying ‘no, no, don’t look at others in lust’ when just three months ago he wrote a post saying that fornicators are virgins now, he is now also criticizing people who have had unhappy church experiences or who notice something is not right with their church.

It is a fact that some church goers, including the staff and preacher, are abusive and/or complete assholes.

If you have been hurt by church people, you have every right to be critical of churches and gun shy and hesitant to return. Paul said in the New Testament that Christians are to judge those within church, not to remain silent lest they commit “spiritual adultery” or whatever Challies is rambling on about.

The Challies’ of the world should spend more time comforting the Christian wounded and validating their crummy treatment at the hands of “Christians” than “tsk-tsking” and lecturing the un-churched for being upset over having been treated like shit by a church person or entire church system.

It’s also just plain WEIRD that this dude is attempting to work lust and adultery into his commentary about church… he is sexualizing church.

(Link): It’s Not Just a Guy Thing

    by Tim Challies

    Every guy has received a warning about “the second glance.” Here’s how it works: When you see an attractive woman, you are morally responsible for the second glance, not the first.

    Because you cannot help seeing what is there in front of you, the second glance is the one where you will display sin or virtue.

    It is here that you make the moral choice—the choice to lust or the choice to direct your eyes and your thoughts to something that honors God.

    I have never been completely comfortable with the second glance logic. More on that in a moment, but first we need to see that this is not only a guy thing.

    Women can have the same issue or one that is very closely related. For some women the issue is identical—looking with lust. For others it may be something else, such as alighting your eyes on someone who doesn’t fit in and then allowing yourself condescending thoughts about her.

    It may be thinking unkind thoughts about the immodest woman or the too-modest woman or the woman whose children are dressed so perfectly or so imperfectly.

    Whether you are a man or woman, you will be tempted at times to allow your eyes to direct you to people who will then take your thoughts in unholy directions. It is a universal problem.

    Back to the question: Is it only the second glance that counts? Yes and no.

    We have no ability to avoid seeing so much of what we see in the world. At some point we will all see something that feeds one of our great temptations.

    We will see someone who is dressed wildly inappropriately or someone who is shamelessly intending to draw attention to themselves. And then it is, indeed, the second glance that counts.

    Will we look again? Will we let our eyes linger? Will we look with lust or condescension or judgment? Will we allow this to be an opportunity to gossip? Or will we immediately and sinlessly direct our attention elsewhere?

    But here is where it gets a little more complicated. I think we all know by experience that there is more than one way our eyes can take in the world around us.

    We can walk into church with our hearts content and enjoying the good things God has given us. We can walk into the mall with our minds submitted to God and eager to please him. And in those times we undoubtedly struggle a lot less with second glances.

That was the first part of his post. I didn’t copy the whole thing.
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