Bias and Discrimination Against Singles and Females – Woman Fired by Christian Employer for Being Divorced but Her Male Divorced Co-Workers Not Fired

Bias and Discrimination Against Singles and Females – Woman Fired by Christian Employer for Being Divorced but Her Male Divorced Co-Workers Not Fired

Wow. The worship of marriage by married Christians and the battering of singles (of all stripes, the never married, divorced, widowed) by again, married and conservative Christians, marches on. Goodness.

(Link): Woman sues InterVarsity over firing after her divorce

    By Sarah Pulliam Bailey| Religion News Service, Updated: Wednesday, October 16, 1:30 PM

RNS () — A Michigan woman has filed a wrongful-termination lawsuit against InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, saying she was fired because of her divorce even as two male colleagues kept their jobs as they went through divorce and remarriage.

Alyce Conlon worked for the evangelical campus ministry as a spiritual director at the Grand Rapids office from 2004 until she was let go in December 2011, according to a suit filed last week in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan.

… Conlon was placed on paid leave early in 2011 after informing supervisors that she and her husband were considering separation or divorce.

“During this leave of absence, plaintiff followed each and every requirement of the Separation and Divorcing Staff Policy including counseling sessions and continuing communication with her supervisors as to her progress,” attorney Katherine Smith Kennedy wrote in the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, during the absence, InterVarsity employees contacted Conlon’s husband to discuss the marriage without informing her. Despite following InterVarsity’s requirements for divorce procedures, the ministry let her go because she was not successful in reconciling her marriage, her lawyer alleges.

The lawsuit claims that she was treated differently than two male colleagues, who went through separation, divorce and remarriage and were allowed to stay on staff.

(Link): Woman Sues Christian Ministry, Claims She Was Fired for Her Divorce

(Link): Former InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Spiritual Director Alyce Conlon Files Lawsuit, Claims She Was Fired For Getting A Divorce

    By Will Hagle, Wed, October 16, 2013

Alyce Conlon, former spiritual director for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, has filed a wrongful-termination suit in U.S. District Court against her former employer. Conlon, who was laid-off in December 2011, claims she was fired because of her divorce.

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