So According to Some Feminists Believing in Female Equality Means Supporting All Actions and Behaviors by All Females Ever – Even their Pubic Hair Photos and Bloody Vagina T Shirt Designs? What?

So According to Some Feminists Believing in Female Equality Means Supporting All Actions and Behaviors by All Females Ever – Even their Pubic Hair Photos and Bloody Vagina T Shirt Designs? What?

There is a post on Jezebel, a site that tends to be secular feminist and anti Republican in tone, that is apparently supportive of some woman artist’s penchant of posting photos of her body online, where one can see her pubic hair sticking out of her underwear. This site seems to be upset that Instagram, a photo sharing site, removed that pubic hair photo.

I can’t quite wrap my head around all of secular feminism. I do believe at times they are right about some issues, but on others, not so much.

A few days before the pubic hair photo post, the same site discussed the same woman (or another?) whose pages were removed from some site because they featured drawings of menstruating vaginas on T-shirts that she was selling.

M’kay, I get that culture has weird or sexist views about women, women’s bodies, menstrual periods, and that women should not be shamed for getting a period every month or for having a vagina. I’m sympathetic with them on those fronts, I suppose.

But, I am a woman, and I sure as hell do not want to see crass stuff like some woman’s pubic hair in a photo on a site (or in person), anymore than I would want to see some guy’s pubic hair bush hanging out over his undie top, or swim trunks, on a site, or in person.

I have no desire to see a drawing of a vagina covered in blood on a T shirt or anywhere else, either.

I get that women have periods and have vaginas and that is all natural and normal, but that does not mean I want to look at it on a T shirt, anymore than I’d want to see a drawing of a man’s penis or pubes on a T shirt.

Here is the Jezebel post about the woman’s photo with the pubic hair (with a slightly NSFW photo on the page):
(Link): Instagram Deletes Designer’s Account Because of Her Pubes

Isn’t it a sign of faux outrage or faux or misplaced feminism to insist that all people every where all the time have to support every single last decision of every woman ever?

Why should I, a woman, support some other women posting photos of their pubes?

I get supporting women (and men) in personal choices like if they marry or not, or whether or not to have children, but something like a vagina drawing on a T shirt?

I have seen other secular feminist sites get outraged that men, or society, act as though a woman’s period is icky and shameful, and they demand people stop thinking of periods (and other aspects of womanhood / femaleness) as being shameful.

And as I discussed on an older post, these secular feminists demand everyone respect their private sexual choices and not judge them.

But these same secular feminists will not respect or tolerate women who do not share their political or abortion views, or views on other matters.

If you are a right wing or Christian woman who believes in equality for women, but does not endorse abortion or the Democratic Party, you will be raked over the coals by these women who claim to support ALL women.

Then there’s the bizarre matter of secular feminists who seem to assume that I, a woman, should support all women all the time no matter what they do or say, and on the mere basis that they are women too.

I’m sorry, but I think not. I don’t give all women a pass on everything all the time just because they are women.

I don’t let men off the hook on everything just for being men.

I cannot grasp this weird current of thought among secular feminists that by virtue of being a woman, I am supposed to give uncritical acceptance of every single woman ever, no matter what, no matter what those women say, think, or do.
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