Jim Bakker’s Co Host (his wife?) admits to having had five abortions

Jim Bakker’s Co Host (his wife?) admits to having had five abortions

I was watching Jim Bakker’s religious show, and his blond co-host, who I believe is his current wife(?) and her name is Lori (or Lisa?) had five abortions.

Bakker said this on his show, that the blond lady, Lori, admits, in a book she had published, to having had five abortions.

I generally do not support abortion. God can forgive women who have had abortions.

My point here is not to beat up on Lori Bakker for having had abortions.

I’m not sure if when Lori had the abortions if she was a Christian at the time or not (but I do not believe that fully matters).

I would assume Lori was unmarried at the time, that these unborn children were the result of fornication (premarital sex), but I could be wrong about that (after all, sometimes married women get abortions, not just the unmarried).

Assuming she was a single woman, that the unborn she carried and had aborted were the product of pre-marital sex, it’s another nail in the coffin for me personally to the all the Christian pontificating about how deeply they feel sex is for marriage only, that they really do not care or live by these values.

Many Christians only pay lip service to the concept of virginity – while some Christians in recent years have actually begun attacking the concept in books and blogs, saying it is mean spirited to pass virginity off as an expectation, because some fornicators get hurt feelings when they hear that their pre marital sex is a sin.

Anyway, with every passing day, with every passing story and confession of Christian sexual sin, I am realizing that if given precautions (condoms, birth control, legalized abortion), one may as well go out and have sex and not worry about getting pregnant or getting a disease.

There is no expectation for chastity in today’s Christian culture, never mind Non Christian culture. Those of us who have stayed virgins into our 40s get no rewards for it, if anything, churches either ignore us or treat us like losers.

So this lady had FIVE abortions – again, likely due to being sexually promiscuous – and is now married to a semi Christian guy (Bakker) and seems to be living the high life.

She does not appear to have suffered any long lasting damage from sleeping around and having had abortions.

I am not seeing a good foundation or rationale why a grown, single woman should bother remaining a virgin into her forties.

I used to be naive and think that other Christians would respect the fact I was a virgin waiting for marriage to have sex, but now I see 99% of them consider me naive or a freak or a laughing stock; Christians EXPECT me to have sex before marriage and are even FINE and DANDY with it.

Christians can’t wait to reassure me after I have pre marital sex (even if it comes down to getting an abortion afterwards) that God still loves me and forgives me for it all.
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